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Tankless Water Heater Repair and Troubleshooting Tips

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Posted by admin on July 06, 2015

Owning a tankless water heater offers you many advantages as a homeowner. However, like all things they will require occasional repair. Tankless water heater repair is a bit different than conventional water heater repair, and will require different troubleshooting tips. With some awareness of what you should be looking for, you’ll be able to spot unique issues that these machines may encounter.

Venting Issues.

The most common issue encountered in tankless water heaters is venting related. Improper venting causes condensation and leaks, which can greatly damage the water heater and the area around it. Often this issue is due to using the wrong type of venting pipe; category III stainless steel piping is advised for many tankless water heaters. Check your owner’s manual for specific piping guidelines if you assume that there may be an issue.

Gas line Issues.

Another common issue requiring tankless water heater repair is problems with the gas line. Many homeowners may simply hook up a tankless water heater to the existing gas line which may not be properly sized. Check your owner’s manual for the proper gas requirements. Be sure that your gas line is sized for the maximum BTUs advised to assure proper performance.

Make Sure the Heater Type and Fuel Match.

Make sure the heater you have is for the fuel type you’re using, as each fuel source has different properties. Liquid propane and natural gases are two possible heating fuel sources you may be using, and are easily confused.

Water Flow and Temperature Issues

For water flow issues, blockages are common. The first thing you want to check is your filtering unit. Simply turn off the water and check the filters for any trash, blocks or damage and clean or replace filters as needed. Temperature fluctuation can be a bit harder to track down. This is commonly caused by cross flow between hot and cold. By shutting off the cold and running water you can check for cross-flow.    

Bad Temperature Settings

Among tankless water heater repair issues this is a very easy issue to address. If the water heater is set too high, it can lead to a shortage of water. The default temperature setting of 122 degrees Fahrenheit is advised, and will help avoid this problem.   

Hard Water

Hard water refers to water in your area containing a high level of calcium and magnesium. In general, hard water doesn’t lather as well and can cause mineral buildup in your heating and plumbing system. To address this issue, adding a water softener to your water supply is advisable. This will help increase the life of your water heating system and improve general water daily use.    

The Environment
Always make sure the area around your water heater is clean and free from debris. Items such as lint, dust, chemicals and other hazards can hinder the performance of the unit. If your water heater is in an environment prone to such issues a direct vent unit is advised, as it draws in air from the outside.

As you can see tankless water heater repair can cover many areas and issues. As always if you feel unsafe or lack experience in performing repairs be sure to contact a professional. The ability to simply recognize a problem can be very beneficial and allow you to have issues addressed before they become hazardous.   


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