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HVAC, Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plans


Keep your home comfortable year-round with an HVAC maintenance plan from Climate Experts! Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system is crucial for keeping it running at its best through the bitter cold and winter and sweltering heat of summer in Durham Region. 

Our HVAC, heating and cooling maintenance plans provide peace of mind, knowing that your home’s comfort is in expert hands. With our dedicated team of professional technicians ensuring your system is working like new, you can enjoy a comfortable home no matter the season.


Includes Furnace & A/C or Heat Pump Starting at $9.95 / Month

Annual Maintenance Inspection

  • Furnace
    $9.95 / month +hst
  • A/C or Heat Pump
    $9.95 / month +hst
  • Air handler
    $9.95 / month +hst
  • Ductless Unit per Head
    $9.95 / month +hst
  • Ductless Condenser
    $9.95 / month +hst
  • Fireplace
    $9.95 / month +hst
  • Boiler
    $19.95 / month +hst
  • Tankless Water Heater
    $19.95 / month +hst
  • Rooftop & Commercial Units
    Call the Office

Lets Us help you choose the best plan

Leave it to The Experts!


Includes Furnace & A/C Or Heat Pump
$9.95 / Month + HST / Month For Less Than $1 a Day !

Annual Inspection

Lets Us help you choose the best plan

Leave it to The Experts!

Maintenance Plan

Includes Furnace & A/C or Heat Pump Starting at $9.95 / Month
Annual Maintenance Inspection Includes:
Clean, Inspect & Tune Up of Equipment
Safety inspection with report of deficiencies or concerns
CO2 test if applicable
Humidifier Tune up
Weekend appointments within 24 Hours
Repair Costs, Parts, Drain Block, Tubing and Refrigerant are not included
Furnace $9.95/month + hst
A/C or Heat Pump $9.95/Month + Hst
Air Handler $9.95/Month + Hst
Dustless unit per head $9.95/Month + Hst
Ductless Condensor $9.95/Month + Hst
Fireplace $9.95/Month + Hst
Boiler $19.95/Month + Hst
Tankless Water Heater $19.95/Month + Hst
Rooftop & Commercial Units - Call the Office

365 Maintenance Package Plus

Secure Uninterrupted Comfort for Just $1/Day!

Annual Inspection Which Includes
Safety inspection and maintenance with written report and customer walk through
Report any deficiencies or safety concerns on covered heating and cooling equipment
CO2 test and efficiency test if applicable
Humidifier tune up with new pad
Supply of four 16x25x1 or two 16x25x5 standard pleated filters. High merv and specialty filters have additional cost
Vacuum / wash all necessary components
Guaranteed appointments with 24 hours
$99 flat fee for labour capped at 2 hours per repair
No diagnostic fee on service
Repair costs, parts, drains blocks, tubing, and refrigerant are NOT included

Why Choose Climate Experts?

Partner with Climate Experts for your maintenance plan and receive reliable service all year round:

  • Expertise and Reliability: Our team of licensed, insured, and certified technicians brings years of experience and expertise to every job.
  • Transparent Pricing: We offer clear, upfront pricing for your maintenance plan. Our team offers maintenance services with no hidden fees.
  • Flexible Plans: Our HVAC protection plans are designed to meet your specific needs and fit your budget. Get the best value and service to keep your system running at its best.
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize your comfort and satisfaction, offer weekend appointments at no addition cost to our customers, going above and beyond to keep your home comfort system in top condition.

Contact Us for HVAC Maintenance Plans

Want to set up an HVAC maintenance schedule that keeps your home comfortable all year? Contact Climate Experts today to find out more about an HVAC maintenance plan and to sign up for the one that’s right for you. Don’t wait—secure your comfort with Climate Experts!


  • Plan fee is paid monthly by automatic charge to a Mastercard or visa on the 1st day of each month.
  • All plans based on a 12 month period and renew automatically unless cancelled in writing.
  • Plan price is subject to change at renewal.
  • Plans can be changed or canceled during the 12th month with no penalty.
  • Plans canceled prior to renewal will be subject to payment in full of the remaining contract amount
  • Climate Experts reserves the right to cancel agreement at no charge to customer.
  • Additional hourly labour costs are $185 / hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about our maintenance plans? The section below contains answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Regular HVAC maintenance helps prevent costly repairs, keeps equipment working properly, and extends the lifespan of your system. It ensures your home stays at a comfortable temperature with healthy indoor air quality regardless of the weather outside.

Your heating and cooling system will receive an annual inspection under both the Maintenance Plan and the 365 Maintenance Package Plus. This comprehensive inspection includes a safety check, maintenance with a written report, and a customer walk-through.

Our HVAC maintenance plan members receive guaranteed appointments within 24 hours and priority service. Our decision to provide Weekend service and Weekday prices is our way of keeping service and maintenance affordable for our customers. Our service technicians will make sure you get the best service possible whenever you need us.