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HVAC Installation, Repair & Maintenance Service Durham Region

Residential HVAC Installation, Repair & Maintenance Service in Durham Region. Quality Service & Installation Guaranteed.

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Living in Canada, we are accustomed to the extreme seasonal highs and lows, from sweltering summers to long, cold winters. That’s why homeowners in Durham Region rely upon a high-quality and well-functioning HVAC system to keep their space comfortable, whatever the weather!

What is an HVAC System & How Does it Work?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems provide comfort control by heating or cooling the interior of residential or commercial buildings. From Commercial buildings to small suburban homes.

Components of an HVAC System

The most common type of HVAC system is Forced Air heating and air conditioning which features components that sit outside and inside the walls of the building. On the inside is the furnace, which heats air and distributes it through ducts and vents to warm your home or workplace.  

A condensing unit is placed outside and is filled with refrigerant through refrigerant lines. When the outdoor condenser turns on, the compressor pumps refrigerant to the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the air passing over the coil, which cools air to be distributed throughout your home. 

The temperature of your home is controlled through the thermostat, which can be easily programmed or set to trigger your HVAC system to circulate hot or cold air to achieve the desired temperature.While these are the HVAC basics, components will differ based on various systems and models. For example, ductless mini-spilt systems or zoned systems offer variations on the standard heating and cooling system.



A great way to protect your investment in an HVAC system is to give it the TLC it needs. Ensure you perform regular HVAC maintenance to not only protect your equipment but to reduce HVAC repairs & replacement costs; while keeping utility costs as low as possible.

HVAC Maintenance in Durham Region

Some maintenance can be performed on your own, such as ensuring that air vents are kept clean from dust or mould, or by routinely replacing filters. Other annual HVAC maintenance checks – such as adjusting dampers, cleaning the furnace,  evaporator and condenser coils, or inspecting the fan – are best performed by a licensed HVAC contractor or technician.


As a proudly Canadian company with roots in the GTA and your local trusted source for HVAC installation, maintenance and repair in Durham Region, Climate Experts is proud to serve homes across the area with 24/7 emergency repair and our full scope of HVAC services including: Tanked & Tankless Water Heater Repair, Installation, Maintenance

Our Team of HVAC Technicians in Durham Region

Climate Experts is a modern HVAC service provider and works hard to ensure that we are constantly evolving our tools, processes, and technology to deliver the highest quality and most efficient service to our clients. All of our licensed HVAC technicians are factory-trained, ensuring they’ll understand your system inside out. Whether you’re interested in HVAC installation in Durham Region, or your system is undergoing regular cleaning or maintenance, our team of experts will ensure that the job is done right the first time – with no shortcuts – helping to minimize your cost of ownership in the long term.

As well as providing free in-home consultations for new installations or replacement of HVAC systems, we also offer a variety of to meet your budget and needs. Saving you money is important to us, so we’ll also advise homeowners on ways to reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC system while increasing your savings and comfort.


Our Top-of-the-Line HVAC Products

We are a proud dealer of Daikin, Lennox, Navien, Mitsubishi Electric, Vanee, IBC, NTI, John Wood, Healthy Climate, and Clean Comfort products. We proudly service all leading HVAC Brands. Explore our full range of products, or talk to a member of the Climate Experts team to help you find the heating or cooling HVAC system best suited to deliver comfort to your indoor space, at the best price.


Ready to enjoy year-round comfort and peace of mind? Contact Climate Experts’ local team of trusted HVAC technicians, providing reliable, competitively priced HVAC solutions for homeowners across Durham Region.

totaram mahabir
totaram mahabir
May 9, 2023.
Polite receptionist, technician called on way to job.Very professional and polite.Excellent service.Would definitely refer business.
Lennie Ciglen
Lennie Ciglen
May 4, 2023.
The guys were great they came on time They were very polite and friendly and efficient they cleaned up after themselves did not leave any mess And the furnace they installed works
Adam K
Adam K
April 26, 2023.
Quote accurate, on time, professional. Good experiance.will recommend.
Amanda Ricciuti
Amanda Ricciuti
April 20, 2023.
We were really, really pleased with our experience with Climate Experts Heating & Cooling Inc. We moved into in a tall house recently, and despite a conventional central AC system, the bedrooms are boiling in the summer. Robert assessed and presented us with some options. Wanting to preserve the esthetic of the house, rather than do a ductless unit on the wall, we chose to install a separate system in the attic with vents in the bedroom ceilings. The installation was super efficient and done after less than 2 days. Care was taken with the process and everything was neatly done, with no damage to the house. We are super happy with how nice the vents look and how easy to open and shut they are (much nicer than the conventional rectangular ones). It turns out that the unit we were supposed to get was out of stock so we were upgraded to a more powerful one, without any increase in cost. Communication with Beth and other team members has been really easy, with quick response times and Cody checked in with me several times on install day to make sure I was in agreement with how things were being done. Price was competitive with other companies that we consulted. Overall, really happy with the result and would highly recommend.
Markus Edwards
Markus Edwards
April 5, 2023.
Great company and exceptional and timely service. Robert came and serviced my furnace recently. I had no heat, and i also have a new born baby and my house was freezing. Robert came right away, made the repairs, ordered the new parts required, made sure i had heat for the night, and installed the new parts the next day! Company is amazing, and Robert was so professional, patient, and kind. Will be recommending to all my friends and family who are having issues with their HVAC Utilities!! All the best!
Rebecca Gerretsen
Rebecca Gerretsen
April 4, 2023.
Fast, friendly, safe and reliable.
Evan K
Evan K
March 25, 2023.
This company is absolutley the best Heating/Cooling company you will ever find. When I was down and out melting with no a/c in the summer they were the only ones that went out of their way, and worked longer to replace my a/c. Just recently I had a heating issue, we had just come back from a Florida vacation and wouldn't you know it, the heat pump wasn't working, so we had no heat. I set an email around 1 am, and first thing in the morning by around 8 am Robert calls me, asks me to try a simply solution (bleeding the air out of the pump) and it worked! These guys are what I call, old school service guys. They're not just out to make as much money as they can from you. They always look for your best interest with best possible solutions. Great company. Don't change your service ways guys. Thank you for everything.
Melanie Stevenson
Melanie Stevenson
March 22, 2023.
I called and spoke to a lady by the name of Beth explained my problem and asked for a estimate on how much it would possibly be to fix and find the problem she was very helpful and knew what she was talking about so I advised her that I needed to speak with my husband and that I would have to call her back I called her back in 2 hours and she remembered me and my issue she set up an appointment for the next day between 11 and 1 with a guy named Evan Evan showed up by 1130 and explained everything he was doing a looking at very very happy with Evan’s visit and everything is working great if I need anything else in regards to furnace I will be calling back very happy with the customer service received thank you both
Allan Li
Allan Li
March 7, 2023.
Furnace stopped working overnight and they sent a technician the next morning a couple hours after I called them. Robert was very knowledgeable and was able to troubleshoot and fix the issue quickly.
maggie c
maggie c
February 28, 2023.
I awoke on a cold morning to a dead furnace and my house temp dropping. Called CLIMATE EXPERTS and received very personable, helpful assistance. Evan arrived within @20 min, diagnosed the issue quickly, explained the workings nicely in lay terms, discussed the age of the furnace, advising on concerns and what to watch for, even offered info on features of newer technology and the replacement process. My questions were answered patiently, respectfully. He completed the small fix (had the part on-hand), reported all into his phone and I instantly had a professional receipt in my email. Their rate for the visit was also less than expected. CLIMATE EXPERTS impressed me today on every level.. from being responsive, personable, to the professional service and transaction handling.. they absolutely deserve 5 STARS, and will be happy to call them again. 100%.

HVAC Services in Durham Region FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get about our HVAC services in Durham Region

AC (Air Conditioning) specifically refers to the system used for cooling the air in your home, whereas HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) is a broader term for services including heating and ventilation in addition to air conditioning for complete climate control.

The cost of new HVAC systems in Durham Region varies based on factors such as system size, brand, and specific installation requirements. The team at Climate Experts can help provide an accurate and detailed quote based on your needs.

Annual maintenance is crucial for your HVAC system’s efficiency and reliability. It helps prevent breakdowns, enhances energy efficiency, and may be necessary for warranty validity. Consider semi-annual checks for heavily used systems.

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