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7 Common Furnace Problems You’ll Encounter This Winter

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Posted by admin on November 17, 2014

Cold weather is meant for cuddling up in your house and staying snug and warm. Furnaces ensure that your house stays warm and is heated properly. But along with the cold winter weather, you’ll probably encounter some common furnace problems. Your furnace suddenly starts acting up and you have no idea why.

Here are seven of the most common furnace problems and how to solve them. You can opt to repair the furnace yourself if it’s a simple fix, or call in a professional furnace repair company.

  1. Your furnace is only blowing cold air or is not generating enough heat
  • Your air filter could be dirty: Change your filter every 1-3 months as per the type of filter you’re currently using.
  • Your air ducts might be leaking: If your air ducts are insufficiently insulated, it could affect the circulation of heat. It is imperative that you seal the ducts quickly.
  • The airflow could be uneven: If your air ducts were not designed properly or you picked the wrong furnace size for your home, the airflow could be uneven.
  1. Your furnace won’t turn on
  2. Your furnace only works for short periods of time
  3. Your furnace is giving out too much carbon monoxide – If your furnace is old it could have tiny cracks in the heat exchanger. This can lead to leaking of carbon monoxide. Make sure you install a carbon monoxide detector to protect your family and have you furnace examined by a professional.
  4. Your furnace is too noisy – Your furnace definitely shouldn’t be making any squeaking or rattling noises. You could have a clogged burner or some other mechanical problem.
  5. The blower continuously runs – You probably need to hire a professional to change the limit switch if you’re experiencing problems with the blower.
  6. Your furnace filter is completely clogged – This will lead to a reduction in airflow making it difficult for hot air to circulate throughout the house. The limit switch which controls the fan could also be damaged.
  • Your thermostat may be faulty: Make sure that your thermostat is set on ‘heat’ and the fan is programmed to ‘auto’ or replace the batteries.
  • You could have a tripped or blown circuit: If this happens, you may not know until you put your furnace on. Always check your circuit breaker.
  • Your pilot light could be malfunctioning: There are a number of reasons why this could occur.
  • Your thermostat could be malfunctioning: Either replace the batteries or the thermostat.
  • Perhaps your heat vent is too close to your thermostat: If the thermostat is right under a heating vent, it could be what is causing the problem.
  • Uneven heating: If your house is leaking air, it could cause your furnace to switch on again and again.
  • Your furnace could be overheating: Ensure that the filter is changed and the exhaust vents and ducts are cleared of all debris.

These common furnace problems can cause you to experience some inconvenience. But if you take the proper proactive measures, it will ensure that you stay nice and warm during the winter! If you are facing a furnace problem, it is time to call in a furnace repair professional. Contact Climate Experts Heating and Cooling Inc. today and enjoy affordable and exceptional furnace repair service.

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