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Benefits of UV Air Purifier Systems

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Posted by admin on August 04, 2015

Have you ever wondered how clean the air is in your home? You might be surprised to learn that the air inside of your home could be considerably more polluted than the air outside. There are a few simple ways to dramatically improve the quality of air in your home; predominantly by installing a UV air purifier system.   Here is a look at some of the benefits you can expect with a UV air purifier.

No more micro-organisms

One of the main problems with non-purified air is that there are many micro-organisms moving in your air that you can’t detect. These could be anything from bacteria to mold, and can cause health problems for your family and for your pets. The most common complaint is that these micro-organisms can exacerbate allergies and respiratory ailments like asthma.

By installing a UV air purifier system you can reduce the presence of micro-organisms in your home. Most airborne bacteria’s and mold spores circulate through heating and cooling systems, and can be eliminated with an air purifier. UV air purifier systems can also reduce micro-organisms that are found on surfaces in your home. A UV air purifier system kills viruses, germs and bacteria by having a UV light go through the cellular membranes of the microorganism and cause it fatal genetic damage.

Lower maintenance costs

UV air purifier systems help to improve your home’s airflow, and in turn save you money. There will be fewer maintenance fees attached to your heating system as they will not have to be cleaned as often, given the dust and mold buildup will be nonexistent. The ductwork and drain pan will also perform much better, and in turn save you from having to pay to get them professionally cleaned.

A second money-saving advantage is a result of the UV technology within these air purifiers. The UV lamps that are used only need to be replaced annually, and many are designed to last over the year average. They are also very simple to replace, and can be done yourself.

When you use your UV air purifier, the amount of electricity consumed is equivalent to that of a 40-watt bulb. Comparatively, this is less expensive than what it would cost to buy medications needed for illnesses stemming from unclean air.  When you take into account the considerable benefits to you and to your family that a UV purifier system will bring, including better health with the removal of micro-organisms and reduced costs for cooling and heating systems, installing a UV air purifier system is a wise choice.  For a free estimate on your new UV purifier system, please contact Climate Experts.

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