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Why It’s Important to Change Home Air Filters

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Posted by admin on October 05, 2015

Changing the home air filters in your ventilation system regularly will ensure that your home is filled with clean air, and comfortable to live in. You have probably heard many times that changing your home air filter is an absolute necessity, but never why it’s so important. To have the best understanding of home air filters, you need to know why changing them is so important, and the differences in air filter types that will affect your changing schedule.

Regular home air filter changing will help to avoid a multitude of health problems, including allergy flare ups and respiratory difficulties that worsen with air-borne contaminants. Home air filters have all of the air in the home pass through the system as it moves between vents, fans, and the like. These filters capture the debris in the air, so when the dust-filled air in the home goes into the filter, clean air comes out. A dirty filter not only reduces air flow, but forces the HVAC system to use up to 15% more energy than one with a clean filter.

How Often Should It Be Changed?

For your air flow system to work properly, the air filter should be changed every three to four months. There are many variables in how often it should be changed however, including the size of your home, amount of people in the home, and the quality of the filter itself. If someone in the home has asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, changing the filter on a monthly basis may actually be recommended.

Differences in Air Filters

Different home air filters have different efficiency levels. Efficiency is measured by the quantity of air-borne contaminants that an air filter removes from the air. Depending on how efficient your home air filter is, the changing schedule may have to also change.

Electrostatic Air Filters

These filters don’t block air flow to your ventilation system, and will not likely clog. However, they are not the best at removing air-borne contaminants, and should be used in homes where residents are not sensitive to dust.

Fiberglass Panel Filters

These filters trap easily trap large dust particles that accumulate and cause blockages and air flow problems. These filters needs to be replaced often due to the large quality of contaminants they accumulate.

Media Air Filters

These are the filters of choice for HVAC professionals, but are usually only supplied to professionals and cannot be found in stores. These filters have multiple layers of fibers so they catch the highest amount of air particles, meaning they will need to be changed regularly and not forgotten about.

Proper Maintenance

It is important that home air filters are changed regularly and fitted properly. Regular maintenance will ensure that any problems are caught early, and you’re well aware of how your system is running. For your home air filter needs and other HVAC requests, Climate Experts is here for you. Give us a call today and let us repair your air quality! 

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