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When to Consider Replacing an Oil Furnace With a High Efficiency Gas Furnace

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Posted by admin on March 07, 2016

An oil furnace is slowly becoming outdated. Although some people rely on one because they do not have access to natural gas, those who do have the ability to get gas should do so. You don’t need to rush out and replace a brand new oil furnace however, there are some signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade to gas. 

1. Age of the Unit

One of the most important factors to consider is the age of the furnace. Obviously, you don’t want to spend thousands on a new unit if you just purchased one within the last five years. However, a furnace is only expected to last 16 to 20 years. If your furnace is in this bracket or older, it’s probably best that you replace. A furnace will begin to need repairs or replaced soon after it reaches the age of 20 and the repairs can get quite costly on an older piece. In this case, you should replace it with a newer energy-efficient HVAC device. 

2.  Recent Repairs

Evaluate when the last time you had your device fixed was. Take into consideration the type of repair and the cost of it. Once one repair is needed, it’s usually not long until another part of the furnace will need to be repaired. That’s when you need to decide if you’re willing to put more money into a furnace that’s probably going to need more repairs. When you’re taking into account, make sure you take into consideration the age of the unit. 

3. Replacement Parts

As your furnace ages and needs more repairs, you’ll find yourself needing to buy more parts. Unfortunately, the older your furnace gets, the more difficult it is to find the necessary parts. Additionally, these parts become more expensive as they become harder to find.  

4. Uneven Heating

Do you notice spots that are warmer than others or ones that are freezing cold? Do you find yourself always trying to find the right setting on the thermostat and nothing seems to make your home more comfortable? A good way to determine if replacing an oil furnace is necessary is if you notice that your current furnace isn’t heating the home evenly.  

Your home is your castle, but if your home feels cold and drafty like an actual castle, it might be time to upgrade to a gas furnace. The same applies if your energy bills are skyrocketing and you’ve already sunk a ton of money into your current furnace. These are factors to consider when replacing an oil furnace. 

For more information on replacing an oil furnace, contact us at Climate Experts today! 

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