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What is a Hydronic Air Handler?

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If you haven’t heard of a hydronic air handler, you are not alone. Hydronic air handlers have emerged as a popular furnace replacement for those who choose to get rid of their old HVAC system or build an entirely new home. It has become quite popular because it requires less fuel, creates a more comfortable living or working space and produces little noise compared to a conventional furnace. Let’s take an in-depth look at hydronic air handlers and their multitude of advantages.

How Hydronic Air Handlers Work

Hydronic air handlers heat air evenly so that those uber-hot blasts of air don’t shoot out of the vents as they do with conventional heating systems. This is made possible thanks to the machine’s use of a boiler or hot water heater that sends water to hydronic heating coils. The user simply sets his house or zone thermostat to heat his living space and the system pump transports water from the boiler/hot water heater to the aforementioned coil. The water flows through an aluminum tin coil with copper tubing. Return air from the house is then pulled in toward the blower, above the heating coil. The warm air that is generated is then transmitted through the building’s ducts. The system’s water is recirculated to the boiler/water heater for additional heating.

A hydronic air handler can also cool the home as the water within the system can drop by about 20 degrees. Refrigerant is applied via the cooling coil within the air handlers to transfer heat from the recirculated air to the cool refrigerant. The result is the transmission of cool air throughout the home.

Why are so Many Homeowners are Making the Transition to Hydronic Air Handlers?

When compared to conventional HVAC systems, hydronic air handlers have less standby losses. The result is comparatively less build-up of sediment and corrosion, allowing the boiler/hot water heater to last much longer than the traditional furnace. This occurs because the hydronic air handler operates much more frequently than other systems. Water circulates through the boiler, decreasing the amount of sediment that has built up over time. The result is an increase in the machine’s lifespan, allowing it to out-live the traditional furnace.

A hydronic air handler also requires less space than a traditional HVAC system so residents don’t have to take up their precious space to simply heat or cool their home. Hydronic air handlers also have the flexibility that traditional systems lack. You can heat or cool your home or workspace to your desired temperature by simply adjusting the thermostat. Go ahead and heat and cool specific zones of the building as desired with your hydronic air handler without any concern. You can enjoy an evening in your study, basement or man cave without having to spend the money required to heat the entire house.  Add in the fact that a hydronic air handler is designed for efficiency that reduces utility costs below those of traditional HVAC systems and it is easy to see why so many have opted to make the conversion to this remarkable technology.

Hydronic Air Handlers at Climate Experts

Climate Experts is ready to install your new hydronic air handler. Let our team tell you all about this amazing technology, address your questions or concerns and perform a stress-free installation. Reach out to us today by dialing 1-855-241-7171.

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