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Considerations When Replacing Your Furnace in Canada

gas furnace replacement

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You’ve probably encountered furnace issues and are considering replacing your furnace if you’re reading this post. While many publications offer hazy prices for replacing your furnace, it might be difficult to locate something that takes you step-by-step through the procedure.

This article provides you with the knowledge you need to calculate the typical furnace replacement cost and some crucial elements to consider before you make a decision.

Costs of Installation

You should consider your installation costs before making hasty decisions regarding which furnace brand or design you want to install. 

Many individuals are unaware that sometimes the cost of installing a new furnace can be as much as the cost of the furnace.

The time and labour needed to remove your old furnace and install the new one will also determine the average cost to replace a furnace because most furnace installers bill by the hour. 

It makes sense that the cost of installation will increase as more work is necessary and as the replacement of your furnace takes longer. 

Even though the majority of HVAC businesses might not be able to give you an exact price, a skilled HVAC technician should be able to give you a good idea of what removal and installation would cost. In this manner, you can consider this expense when making a choice.

Furnace Type

The total cost of replacement will depend on the type of furnace you select. Low-Boy furnaces typically stand between one and two feet shorter than High-Boy furnaces. Oil is often needed as a fuel source. 

An oil furnace often costs more on average to replace than other types of furnaces. This is due to the higher cost and longer installation time associated with an oil furnace.

Because they don’t need furnace vents, electric furnaces may be less expensive to install and replace. Gas and oil furnaces need to be vented outside of your house in order to get rid of any potentially hazardous gases because they burn combustible material as fuel. 

The additional time, labour, and materials needed for this venting can raise the price of a replacement.

Furnace Installation Considerations

The final cost of replacement will depend on the furnace’s brand, size, and efficiency rating.

Square Footage of a Home

Although it may seem obvious, your furnace has to be bigger the bigger your home is. Installing a furnace that is too small but slightly less expensive in an effort to save money won’t be beneficial in the long term. 

Your furnace’s blower will probably work too hard and eventually need to be changed more frequently, raising your yearly maintenance expense. You’ll probably spend more money on a blower replacement than you initially saved by installing a tiny furnace.

Performance Level

There is a specific efficiency rating for each type of furnace. Although they may cost more upfront, high-efficiency furnaces typically pay for themselves over time. Better total energy savings are provided with a high-efficiency furnace. 

As a result, even though they initially cost roughly $500 more than a low-efficiency furnace, they will ultimately result in yearly energy bill savings for you.

Brand of Furnace

Choosing a famous, well-known brand today offers a quality assurance similar to that of many other products. While the cost of brands like Trane, American Standard, Carrier, and Bryant may be slightly higher, knowing that the company will support its goods allows you to buy with trust. 

These firms create high-quality, dependable, and long-lasting furnaces, but the majority do cost more.


Some lesser-known manufacturers are also capable of delivering the same level of functionality and quality. Inquire about recommendations and extra information from your neighbourhood HVAC expert.

You’ll want to have your furnace installed by a qualified professional. You can be sure that your new furnace will bring you years of satisfaction by paying attention to the advice given here.

When you’ve decided to get a replacement, don’t hesitate to call Climate Experts for your furnace installation in Pickering! We’re a Canadian-owned and -operated company, installing, servicing, and maintaining all major brands of furnaces and air conditioners. 

Call us anytime, as we’re available to serve you with 24/7 emergency service!

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