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5 Common Myths About Underfloor Heating and the Truths Behind Them


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Underfloor heating is an often overlooked and misunderstood form of home heating. It can be a great way to heat your living space, but there are misconceptions about how it works and how efficient it is. We’re here to clear up those misunderstandings and show why this system is a great option. 

By debunking the myths, we will help you understand how underfloor heating works and why it may be the perfect fit for your home. Here are the facts so you can make an informed decision about whether this sustainable and cost-effective system is ideal for your living space.

Myth #1: Underfloor Heating Makes Your Feet Swell

In the past, underfloor heating could cause the room temperature to become too high, resulting in your feet swelling up. However, with the modern systems used today, this isn’t an issue, especially if the house is properly insulated. Additionally, with a heat pump, underfloor heating can now cool a room, which is a great benefit during hot summer days.

Myth #2: Underfloor Heating Is Only Installed in the Floor

It may come as unexpected, but you can actually install underfloor heating in more places than just the floor. It can also be integrated into walls or ceilings, allowing you to heat a room more quickly. Moreover, since it does not take up any extra space, it is easy to incorporate into any contemporary home decor.

Myth #3: Underfloor Heating Is More Expensive Than Radiators

Installing underfloor heating is more expensive upfront than traditional radiators, but the long-term savings and benefits make it worth the extra cost. The system is more energy efficient, so users will see a reduction in their energy bills in the long run. Additionally, because it requires less maintenance, the overall cost of the system is lower than traditional radiators.

Myth #4: Underfloor Heating Is Technically Electrical Heating

Electric floor heating uses electricity as its power source, while hydraulic systems are powered by hot water and a central heating system. Alternatively, a heat pump can be connected to an underfloor heating system that uses a combination of electricity and renewable energy sources. This type of heating operates at a low temperature and is an efficient way to heat a home.

Myth #5: Underfloor Heating Causes Temperature to Never Stay Consistent

Hydraulic systems may not act as swiftly as electric floor heating, but that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. It’s important to consider how you can adjust your system to fit your lifestyle best to ensure a comfortable temperature. For example, you can adjust the settings on a hydraulic system to ensure the temperature in a space only drops three degrees when night comes.


Many myths surround underfloor heating. Common myths include that it is expensive to install and maintain, that it is difficult to install, and that it is not energy efficient. However, underfloor heating is affordable, easy to install, and energy efficient. It is also a great way to add comfort and style to any home. Underfloor heating can provide many years of warmth and comfort with the right installation and maintenance.

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