Underfloor Heating

Enjoy a totally quiet and efficient heating system by installing in floor heating underneath your floors. A more hygienic way of heating than conventional methods, heated floors don’t run the risk of circulating air or dust. Dust mites and creepy crawlies will also find that this type of system makes their environment too warm and dry to breed in, thus eliminating house pests. Not only does in floor heating provide flexibility in temperature (comes with dedicated thermostat and slab sensor), but heated floors can be easily installed for almost any floor surface.

Space Saving

Once a radiant floor heating system is in place, there won’t be any heating units visible along the baseboards of your wall, and no air vents will be seen from anywhere in your rooms. With underfloor heating, water piping is installed under a variety of floor coverings such as natural stone, hardwood and ceramic tiles, so you’ll experience ease and space when placing furniture items and curtains around your home.

Comfort Everyone Loves

                Calm and serene, heated floors are inaudible, with no motor or fan attached. Instead hot water piping emits rays in all directions and allows furniture and people in its path to absorb its radiated heat. This means there won’t be an accumulation of heat near your ceilings because the air isn’t actually heated. In floor heating offers a unique heat sensation that can be felt equally from anywhere within the room.

 Types of in floor heating

Staple Up in floor Heating

Staple up in floor piping is used when installing in floor heating is not feasible to be done above the sub floor. It is common for homes that wish to have in floor warming but do not want to disturb the finished floors above. Staple up in floor warming is also common practice to maximize ceiling height or reduce the weight being added to the sub floor above. Staple up is typically installed using 3/8” onyx water piping stapled below the sub floor and insulated with reflective bubble wrap and R12 Roxul insulation below. This piping layout can be designed to have multiple thermostats with slab sensors to have a different temperature setting based by floor, living space or room.

Staple Down Heating or Low Mass Radiant

Staple down in floor heating is used normally installed during a large renovation or new build. The ½” Watts Pert water piping is stapled directly to the homes subfloor in a designed loop layout to accommodate the heat loos for each room. This piping layout can be designed to have multiple thermostats with slab sensors to set a different temperature by floor, living space or room. After the piping is stapled to the subfloor it is typically covered up by a gypsum over-pour which allows the piping to now be one thermal mass with a perfectly level surface. After the gypsum over-pour has cured and been sealed you may install your choice of finished flooring on top.

There are also many different products on the market if the gypsum-over pour is not the right fit for the job. These products such as Warm Board allow the tubing to be pushed into pre-routered loop layouts accommodating a shallower floor installation, increased reaction time and a more even temperature distribution throughout the area.

In Slab Heating or High Mass Radiant

In slab heating is used during the basement floor pouring process. This is the most convenient time to add in floor heating to your basement. This can be done in new construction, under pinning a basement or reinstalling the basement slab. Depending on how your basement is being insulated would depict the installation process. You may install foam insulation panels that are designed to lock together with clip in grooves for the ½” Watts Pert tubing allowing for custom piping loop layouts. If the basement is insulated with rigid Roxul insulation then wire mesh would be required to attach the piping to with zip ties. When you either use rigid foam board or 2-pound spray foam insulation we may eliminate the need for wire mesh and use a foam stapler to attach the in-floor piping directly to the foam insulation. After the piping is pressure tested then the concrete floor may be poured as usual.

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  • Superior all around comfort
  • Ultra-quiet heating
  • Doesn’t take up any wall space
  • A more hygienic way of heating
  • Can be installed on most floor surfaces
  • Flexibility in room temperature
  • Unlimited thermostats or zones
  • Up to 30% more efficient then forced air
  • Flexible system add on and expansion

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