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Top 5 Issues With Furnaces in Pickering During Winter


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Furnace maintenance in Pickering is very important, especially in the winter when your furnace works extra hard to heat your home efficiently throughout the coldest months of the year. 

If you want to keep your family warm throughout the year and give your equipment the right care to prevent malfunctions and costly repairs and replacements, you must be aware of the winter furnace concerns to watch out for (and how to address them).

In this article, experts discuss some of the most common issues with winter furnaces in Pickering as well as what you can do to maintain your furnace’s efficiency throughout the entire year.

Filters That Are Blocked and Filthy

If certain areas in your home are cooler than others or the airflow is off, there could be some problems. 

Filters that are dirty and clogged up can impede air passageways and prevent your home from heating as efficiently as possible, which is the most common cause of poor air movement and cold areas in homes. 

If this is the problem, replacing or cleaning your filter should increase your property’s efficiency and heating capacity.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Any home with a heating system is seriously endangered by leaks of the deadly carbon monoxide gas, which has no taste or odour. Installing a carbon monoxide monitor in your house will help you avoid a possibly catastrophic situation. 

Additionally, be sure to contact a reliable repair company to perform regular maintenance on the HVAC and furnace in your home. 

A furnace repair pickering will check the furnace system in your house for leaks, cracks, and other issues and to check for inadequate ventilation in areas that could trap dangerous gases inside.

Check The Thermostat

Another frequent winter furnace issue is the furnace, which is the heart of your home’s HVAC system. Your home’s heating system depends on your thermostat since it regulates the furnace to heat the space to a specific temperature. 

If your thermostat isn’t working properly, it could force your furnace to run longer than usual, raising energy usage (and utility bill costs). Your thermostat may be to blame if the temperature in your home seems to be too hot, too chilly, or fluctuates between the two. 

Set the thermostat to your preferred temperature and observe how your system responds to that setting, noting if it regularly cycles on and off.

Coils and Pipe Freezing

Frozen pipes during the winter can indicate a broken HVAC system, which is never good news for a homeowner. In hydronic systems, ice can accumulate in cold weather and obstruct the flow of steam and hot water, leading to frozen pipes.

In addition to maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures in your house, it’s critical to prevent ice buildup on the many pipes and coils that make up the HVAC system. 

Additionally, it’s critical to avoid pressure buildup from frozen pipework, which can happen if excessive airflow is restricted from entering your interior through open doors and windows.

If there’s a chance of pressure rising, you can prevent a potentially deadly situation by shutting off the water to your home and removing the ice from the pipes.

If you are unclear about what to do, get advice from a dependable service.

Broken Pilot Light

Your furnace’s pilot light is meant to serve as the key to the entire HVAC system. A dirty, damaged, or otherwise, a flawed sensor may be to blame if the pilot does not always sustain a bright, steady flame.

If you have noticed that your pilot light isn’t on when it should be or if the flame is weak, try shutting off the furnace and cleaning the sensor. If the problems continue, you might need to replace your pilot light. Consult with your local HVAC repair company for the best results.


There are a few common issues that can occur with furnaces during the winter season. These include the furnace not starting up, the furnace not providing enough heat, and the furnace making strange noises. If you experience any of these problems, it is important to contact a qualified technician to have the issue diagnosed and repaired

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