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Gas Fireplace Not Working? Troubleshooting Tips from the Pros

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Posted by admin on May 04, 2015

When your gas fireplace stops working the way it should, you might think that you must immediately call a repair person and watch your money disappear. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Many of the issues that arise when your gas fireplace not working are not overly complicated, and many times you can isolate the problem on your own.  Here are some excellent troubleshooting tips from the pros when your gas fireplace not working. Keep in mind that these troubleshooting tips require that you follow all of the safety guidelines for your fireplace, and that you exercise extreme caution.

Your fireplace won’t ignite.

There are two quick and easy troubleshooting answers to try before you call the gas fireplace repair pros.

Check the fuel supply. Is there sufficient gas? Is the gas valve open? Ensure that your gas supply is okay before you go on to check out the pilot light.

For fireplaces that are switch operated, or ones that have an electronic ignition, check your fuse breaker. In modern homes, the fireplace has its own fuse. Check the fuse. If the fuse is in fine condition, attempt to turn the breaker off and back on. Afterwards, find the fireplace manual, it should give instructions on how to light the pilot light.

Pilot light won’t go on

When the pilot light is out, follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely to relight it. Once the light is on and the problem still continues, check the fireplace vent cap and make sure that it does not have holes or gaps causing a downdraft. Also investigate if the chimney needs cleaning, as this could be an issue.

A second area to check is the wiring for loose, unconnected, melted or damaged wires. Fix loose wiring but leave any other wiring problems to professional gas fireplace technicians.

Fireplace burner is a problem

When the fireplace is not burning correctly, check that the thermostat is set to a high enough temperature. Any other problems with the fireplace burner will require the advice of pros.

Odd odors 

Any odd odor from your gas fireplace could be the result of dust and dirt on the burner. Turn off the fireplace and clean it according to the instruction manual, as it may be a simple fix. If the odor is coming from the natural gas, which should be odorless, shut off the gas, open the windows and call your gas company immediately.

When to call in the gas fireplace repair experts

1. If you do your inspection and you find damaged wires in any part of the gas fireplace not working, or you smell burning wires, do not try to fix the wires yourself. Burnt or damaged wires indicate a deeper underlying problem with your fireplace. The diagnosis and repair is best left to the professionals. 

2. You have followed the troubleshooting steps and your pilot light keeps going out. This could be a problem with the thermopile, which needs replacing at some point in the product life of your gas fireplace. This repair requires professional expertise.

3. The area where the flame comes through isn’t working properly. You will need a technician to clean your system when the gas fireplace is not working. Or you need a technician to check your thermocoupler since they also wear out and need to be replaced. A technician can test to see what the problem is.

As you learn more about your gas fireplace, troubleshooting will become less complicated and you will recognize when to call in the professionals

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