Gas Fireplace Repair, Installation & Maintenance Services

Gas fireplace repair, installation, maintenance in Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Durham.


Fireplace Installation:

Natural Gas Fireplaces can be installed in an existing wood fireplace, free standing or to allow a build out around it. There are many different fireplace manufacturers, makes and models. We install the venting, gas pipe and electrical to code and in the least invasive way to your home. We are vigilant in regards to placement, operation and cosmetic appeal. Upon start up we run your fireplace to ensure its working in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Our Fireplace Installation price includes the job from start to finish along with the removal of old equipment and materials. Be assured there are no hidden costs or fees with our quotes. We back our Furnace installations with a warranty of 10 year parts and labor with annual maintenance.

Fireplace Repair:

Climate Expert technicians are experienced with a large variety of Fireplace Manufacturers, Makes and Models. We stock a large variety of Fireplace parts providing quality repairs in a quick and timely manner. We are here to help keep you decorative appliances in safe working order and look forward to serving you on your next Fireplace Repair.

Fireplace Maintenance:

Climate experts believe that the best way to avoid costly fireplace repairs is with regular maintenance. We not only clean your fireplace but also run through a thorough check list to ensure all your fireplace controls, safeties and parts are working safe and efficiently. We use a combustion analyzer to measure Carbon Monoxide levels in the home to ensure your safety. Become a part of Climate Experts Maintenance Program Today! Contact us for gas fireplace repair, installation, maintenance in Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Durham.

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