How Does Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Posted by admin on September 15, 2014

Many homes across the country utilize underfloor heating systems. Your everyday underfloor heating systems use either fluid flowing pipes (hydronic system) or electric resistance elements (electric systems). Both have their advantages, but you’ll find that hydronic radiant floor heating is a great system for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

Hydronic systems for underfloor use localized floor heating for thermal comfort in residential homes. This method is also often used for melting ice and snow on sidewalks or and driveways, as well as larger applications such as landing pads. You can also find hydronic radiant floor heating systems used for conditioning the turf on soccer or football fields and to prevent frost in places like skating rinks or freezers.

Hydronic piping can also be put into a concrete slab called a poured floor system or wet system. You can install hydronic radiant floor heating underneath a floor covering (sometimes referred to as a dry system) or even attached directly to a wood sub flooring.

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems use a mix of propylene glycol or antifreeze with water to transfer heat in a fluid through something called a closed loop. What that means is it recirculates between the floor and the boiler, reheating the fluid once it’s dispersed heat into the system.

Hydronic heating can utilize a number of different power sources, including:

  • boilers
  • natural gas
  • propane
  • coal and oil
  • electricity
  • solar thermal
  • wood and biomass
  • bio fuels

Hydronic floor heating comfy on your feet – it facilitates warmth through otherwise cold flooring such as terazzo, tile, slate, and concrete.  It can also have a very lasting effect on the quality of your indoor air as well. Something else hydronic underground heating does is establish temperature conditions that are less likely to support things harmful to your health, such as mold, bacteria, dust mites, and viruses.

Hydronic radiant floor heating is an excellent alternative to traditional duct heating in a home, especially if you have hardwood or tile flooring, and it is less wasteful as well as safer for the environment. Take advantage of opportunities to reduce heating costs, protect the environment, and also keep your home more comfortable and the air quality higher by making use of radiant floor heating systems.

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