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How Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Improve Air Quality

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Posted by admin on October 19, 2015

As a homeowner, you need to pay attention to the condition and efficiency of your air conditioner. Beyond simply keeping the air cool, air conditioners have an immediate impact on your health. The ventilation system in the air conditioner can quickly pollute the house when it’s not fully maintained, by circulating dust and debris into the air instead of removing them. Air conditioner maintenance is the easiest way to keep your air clean, and your lungs healthy.

Signs of Indoor Air Quality Problems

There are many signs that the air in your home is suffering due to a poor air conditioning system, and you need air conditioner maintenance. The most apparent is your discomfort in your own home, resulting from heavy, humid or damp air. If it’s easier to breathe outside in the middle of a humid summer day, there is a problem.

When the air temperature inside is similar to the temperature outside, even though your air conditioner is running, this is more than just a minor issue. Though you may be comfortable coming home to opening the windows and doors and letting the summer evening air run through your halls, this is not good for the items inside the home. A hot home encourages the house to become more humid, as moisture in the home begins to evaporate. This can lead to mold and mildew growth, paint peeling off walls, and air that’s harmful to breathe; all stemming from a poorly functioning air conditioner.

Another sign you may need air conditioner maintenance is an increasing visibility of dust in the home. Though small amounts of dust will always accumulate around the home, an increase of dust on your furniture or in the air may signal that the air conditioner has developed a buildup. The excess dust can cause the conditioner to overheat, overwork, and quickly break down; it is also harmful to breathe in and can be harmful to your lungs.

What Air Conditioner Maintenance Repairs

Air conditioner maintenance can help to repair a variety of different air quality problems. Maintenance will help to remove pollutants from the air, given there will be no build up or debris in the conditioner to move around. This also means that ventilation will be improved as clean air will be circulating, not air that is heavy with humidity or dusty. Depending on the specifics of your air conditioning system, high end filtration filters may be placed on your fans. This will get rid of up to 98% of contaminants in the air, without harming the actual machine or fans.

Ask an Expert

The most important part of air conditioner maintenance is to ensure you hire a professional to work on the machine itself. Whether you have a central air conditioner in the house, or a window mounted unit, only a professional HVAC technician should be the one overlooking the system. A professional will let you know exactly how well your system is running, what you need to invest in to ensure it works well in the future, and how much longer of a life you can expect out of it.

To learn more about our air conditioner maintenance techniques, and to book your appointment, contact us at Climate Experts. We’ll get your air conditioner working correctly, and have your air feel fresh again.

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