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3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing or Replacing

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There’s nothing worse than finding out you have an issue with your Air Conditioning System on the day it completely stops working. And usually in the middle of a hot day. Not only is it an inconvenience but it also is somewhat avoidable. It’s important to your comfort and your health to make sure you have a properly working air conditioner. And you can do that by making sure your AC unit is regularly serviced and maintained by an air conditioning professional like Climate Experts.

You can also avoid repair services that can get costly by knowing what little issues to look out for before they turn into expensive, bigger problems. Let’s look at 3 of those warning signs below.

1. Your Air Conditioning System is Blowing Warm Air

Your air conditioner has a very specific job to do and that’s to keep your family cool and comfortable when it is hot and muggy outside. When the weather is unbearable outside, the indoors should be a welcome relief. If your AC unit is beginning to blow out warmer air, or the air doesn’t seem to be coming out as cool as it used to, you may need to call someone to take a look.

2. Your Air Conditioning Unit is Leaking Freon or Water

If there is leaking or moisture around your air conditioner, you have a problem. It could be a refrigerant (freon) leak and that is poisonous, so you’d need a professional to take care of it. The could be less serious like water leaking due to a broken or blocked tube. You may notice this by noticing water leaking from the HVAC system or maybe you notice ice developing inside your unit. Both are warning signs that your AC is in need of repair.

3. Rising or High Electric Bill

Another telltale sign that your AC may need replacement or servicing is that your electricity bill gets much higher than normal with regular usage. This can be a warning that your thermostat is broken, there’s a problem in the ductwork, or simply that your AC unit is just old and needs to be replaced. Whatever the cause, if your electric bill has skyrocketed for no apparent reason, you may want to have your air conditioner looked at.

Any one of the above signs is enough of a reason to call a specialist to your home. So, be sure to keep your family healthy and comfortable and nip any small problems in the bud before they become expensive problems by giving Climate Experts a call today at 1-855-241-7171.

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