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What Are the Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioner?

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A ductless air conditioner or ductless mini split system may be just what you need to finally enjoy cool air in your home with consistency. These are affordable air conditioning solutions ideally suited for many types of homes. You can use them throughout your home or for specific areas of the home that may not have a ducted system accessible. If you are thinking about ductless installation, Ajax property owners may want to consider the benefits it can offer.

#1: Affordability

When considering all options for heating and cooling your home (many ductless systems do both), you may be looking for something that is truly affordable. Though costs differ based on the model selected and your home’s specific layout, many people will find that it is far less expensive to add this solution than to seek out a central air system for the home. It is also more affordable to run, in most cases than placing window units in numerous areas of the home.

#2: Non-Invasive Installation

If the thought of installing ductwork into your home sounds scary, the good news is ductless installation does not require this type of invasive work. Rather, the system allows you to install a reliable air conditioner without having to open up numerous walls and do a lot of repairs. Also, if you decide that you do not need it or you move to a whole home air conditioner, the ductless installation is highly reversible and even easy to do.

#3: Better for Allergy Sufferers

A simplified installation process is one way that a ductless system can prove to be better for those who have allergies. Additionally, without any ducts running through the home, there are fewer ways for dirt and debris to spread through the home. That means that you have less dust throughout your home and better breathing quality as well.

#4: Lower Energy Bills

Depending on what you have now, a new ductless system is going to be far more inexpensive to operate than other models that are running inefficiently right now. These systems have a notable amount of energy efficiency. The cooled air does not have to travel through numerous ducts. Your home benefits from cleaner air and lower bills.

#5: It’s Easy to Maintain

There are not a lot of things you have to do to maintain the ductless system. Just follow the maintenance requirements set by the manufacturer. You may find that you still have to have an annual inspection to ensure it is running properly. It is also wise to have your system’s air filter cleaned routinely. Yet, most people find it is easy to put this type of system in place and then use it reliably.

Let Our Team Offer a Custom Consultation

When it comes to ductless installation, Ajax residents can count on us to provide exceptional solutions that fit your home. At Climate Experts Heating & Cooling, we have ample experience with ductless air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance for most makes and models. Call us for an appointment.

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