Thermostat Installation & Repair Services

A thermostat is the control centre of your entire heating and cooling system, allowing you complete control over the indoor climate of your home. A thermostat allows you to alter the temperature, humidity, and other factors that contribute to your family’s overall comfort. If you find that your thermostat is not working correctly, it likely needs to be repaired or replaced. A Climate Experts thermostat installation professional can assess your thermostat issues and recommend repair or replacement of the device.

There are many different manufacturers, makes, and models of thermostats available. Thermostat installation takes about 10 minutes and consists of a few screws, low voltage wiring and a quick set up and test to ensure your furnace and air conditioner are hooked up correctly. The full thermostat installation process should always be performed by a skilled professional.

Thermostat Repair & Replacement Services

The fact of the matter is that many old models of thermostats simply don’t offer the reliability and flexibility that today’s homeowners are looking for. This impacts their ability to provide the energy savings and efficiencies promised by newer smart thermostat models on the market.

Should you experience extreme temperature swings within your home or suspect that you are receiving inaccurate readings from your climate controller, you may be in need of a thermostat repair. Our team of Experts will inspect your control unit and make any necessary adjustments to quickly return your system to working as efficiently as possible. Should the unit be in a condition beyond repair, our team may recommend a thermostat replacement.

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your existing model, look for a programmable thermostat that is Energy STAR-Certified if you want to shrink those electricity bills. Tech enthusiasts may want to consider a Wi-Fi thermostat, which can sync to your phone to alert you of energy use, maintenance needs, as well as advisable times to turn on or turn off your climate control unit.

Not sure which type of thermostat is a best fit for your home? We can assist you in choosing the ideal thermostat for your needs and budget. From the installation of a basic thermostat to touchscreen thermostats with innovative features like weather reporting, advanced scheduling and more, a Climate Experts team member can help guide your decision.

Climate Experts offers installation services for a number of brand name, high-quality thermostats and other climate control devices. One of our experts can replace your old or malfunctioning climate controller with a brand new Honeywell thermostat installation, or another thermostat of your choice.

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