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Ready to Invest in an Air Conditioner for Your Home?

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If your home does not have central air, and you are thinking about making the investment in an air conditioner, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Most importantly, you want to make sure you are buying the right air conditioner and having a professional install it according to the manufacturer’s requirements. As you think about the installation of an air conditioner, Durham Region residents need to consider the overall goals they have for a new system.

Buying the Right Air Conditioner

The easiest way to ensure you are getting the right air conditioner is to allow a technician to make recommendations for you. Without a doubt, you want their insight and wisdom to help you choose the best air conditioner for your home based on its size and overall features.

A technician understands what your home needs. They also have a working knowledge of various types and brands of air conditioners. If you want to know which brand to consider, one of the easiest things to do is simply ask the technician which is most reliable and least likely to need repair.

Upgrades to Your Home

Your technician can also talk to you about any upgrades necessary to your home for your new air conditioner. You can go with a ductless model if your home does not have ductwork. It is often too expensive to add ductwork to the home unless you are currently doing significant renovations at this point.

Still, your existing system may need repairs to the existing ductwork before the new system is put into place. Other times, you may need to upgrade your electrical system to manage the higher demand for power.

Get Your Warranty in Place

If you just buy an air conditioner and plan to install it, keep in mind that your warranty may be limited. Some air conditioners require a licensed technician to install the system.

In all cases, you want to know what the warranty is and what it covers. It may not cover all aspects of making repairs to your system. Some manufacturers also require you to document the annual maintenance on your system to ensure the warranty remains in place.

Get Smart

While you are installing a new air conditioner, now may be a good time to add a smart thermostat to help control it. Often, the addition of a thermostat is necessary to ensure proper control over the system. A smart thermostat allows you to control your system from a distance, giving you the ability to turn it on and off, update the temperature, or check the current temp in the home even if you are across town.

Investing in a New Air Conditioner in Durham

If you need an air conditioner, Durham Region property owners can trust Climate Experts Heating & Cooling to provide comprehensive care and attention to your needs. Let us offer recommendations on the best brands as well as the overall features best suited for your home.

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