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Installing a Natural Gas BBQ Hookup

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Who doesn’t love BBQ season? Spring is just around the corner, and you may be thinking of switching to a natural gas BBQ. It’s a great choice! There are a few things to consider, including the installation of a natural gas BBQ hookup.

Why Choose a Natural Gas BBQ?

Natural gas BBQs outshine charcoal and propane in several ways. They offer the convenience of a constant supply of fuel, eliminating the need to refill and reconnect heavy propane tanks. There’s no need to deal with messy, finicky charcoal, and natural gas provides an even supply of heat. It is also less expensive than propane and burns cleaner.

BBQing with natural gas means that you can enjoy outdoor cooking year-round and also have a safe cooking method during power outages.

Once you’ve made the decision to go with natural gas, you’ll need to install a natural gas BBQ hookup.

Is It Difficult to Install a Natural Gas BBQ Hookup?

Installing a hookup is not a simple process. Multiple steps are involved, and each one requires precision and care.

The safest installation includes shut-off valves inside and outside the house. You may be starting with a rough-in hookup, or you may need a new line, in which case, the gas line must be opened up and a new line connected and extended to the outside wall.

To complete the installation, you need to have the correct tools for the job and know how to:

  • Shut off the gas supply
  • Choose the correct pipes, lines, and fittings
  • Avoid leaks and other safety issues
  • Test the gas pressure
  • Test for and correct any leaks

What Can Go Wrong If You Do It Yourself?

If you’re not a certified gas installer, you are unlikely to realize that you’re making mistakes. Some errors are extremely dangerous, such as failing to turn off the gas supply.

If you choose incorrect pipes or valves or use improper tools and supplies, you may create problems such as kinks or leaks in the gas line or reduced gas flow to the BBQ.

Positioning the shut-off valve improperly can cause damage from freezing precipitation, and failing to fasten the line can lead to damage if the BBQ is pulled suddenly.

Working with highly combustible gas is not a safe project for DIYers. Errors or jobs that are not quite up to code could lead to serious injury, property damage, or home insurance issues. Correcting errors can be far more costly than hiring a certified installer from the outset.

Leave It to the Experts

Installing a natural gas BBQ hookup is best handled by a professional. Give us a call, and we’ll set up a time to consult with you. We’ll make sure that the hookup can be placed where you want it and give you a free estimate.

Professional Installation is the Smarter, Safer Choice

Installing your own natural gas BBQ hookup may seem like a simple job, but it’s definitely not recommended. Certified gas installers have the equipment, knowledge, and skills to install a BBQ hookup that functions properly and keeps you and your home safe.

Save yourself time and money: contact Climate Experts Heating & Cooling to learn more about our gas BBQ hookup service or to get a free estimate today. We’d love to hear from you!

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