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Beyond the Surface: How to Utilize Power of Underfloor Heating

underfloor heating pipes

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Underfloor heating is a popular and efficient way to heat your home. It is designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the entire room, providing a comfortable and cozy living space. 

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on choosing the right underfloor heating system for your home.

Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

There are two types of underfloor heating systems: electric and water-based. Electric underfloor heating systems are powered by electricity and consist of heating mats or cables that are installed under the flooring surface. 

On the other hand, water-based underfloor heating systems are powered by hot water and consist of pipes installed under the flooring surface.

1. Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Electric underfloor heating systems are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They are ideal for small areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, as they can be installed directly beneath the flooring. 

This makes them discreet and also helps to save space. Electric underfloor heating systems are also cost-effective to run, as they only heat the areas that are in use. This means you don’t have to waste energy heating areas not being used.

2. Water-Based Underfloor Heating Systems

Water-based underfloor heating systems are more complex to install and require professional installation. They are typically more expensive than electric underfloor heating systems, but they are more efficient and can provide a much more comfortable living space. 

The water-based system requires a boiler to heat the water, which can be expensive to run. However, the cost of running the system is offset by savings in energy costs. 

Flooring Type

The type of flooring you have in your home will determine the type of system you can install. Selecting the correct type of underfloor heating is essential to get the most out of your floor.

Electric underfloor heating mats are a good choice for wooden floors since they are simple to install and can be adjusted to different temperatures. In contrast, water-based underfloor heating systems are the best for tile floors because they spread the warmth evenly and are energy efficient. 

Electric underfloor heating cables are the way to go for concrete floors as they heat up quickly and can be easily installed. 


Good insulation will help reduce the running costs of your heating system and improve its efficiency. You must install insulation boards under the underfloor heating system to prevent heat loss and to ensure that the heat is directed upwards into the room.

Heat Output

The system’s heat output is an important factor to consider when choosing a system. The output will depend on the size of the room and the insulation of the property. It is important to choose a system that can provide sufficient heat to the room without being too expensive to run.


A thermostat is a critical component of any underfloor heating system. It allows you to control the temperature of the room and set the heating to come on and off at specific times. Ideally, choose a thermostat that is easy to use and has a clear display.


When choosing the perfect system for your home, check the cost of the underfloor heating you plan to install. Electric underfloor heating systems are generally cheaper to install than water-based systems. 

However, water-based systems are more efficient and can provide a more comfortable living space. It is essential to consider both the installation cost and the running costs when choosing a system.


Choosing the right underfloor heating system can be a daunting task.  If you are considering installing underfloor heating in your home, it is important to research both types of systems carefully to ensure that you select the right one for your needs. 

Invest in a system that is efficient, cost-effective, and suitable for your home. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can choose the perfect underfloor heating system for your home.

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