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A Guide to Gas Fireplace Installation

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Posted by admin on December 07, 2015

Gas fireplaces are a popular addition to any family room or den, giving homes a welcoming and comforting ambiance. They are also a fantastic source of heat during the winter, and the perfect place for Santa to fill stockings. If you’re considering purchasing and installing a gas fireplace however, it is a major consideration. It’s important that you know about gas fireplace installation, and the difficulties it may pose you. 


As interior design elements have changed, so too have fireplace designs. Gas fireplaces are typically designed in one of two ways, either modern or faux-traditional. Modern fireplaces are typically built into walls, and may be with or without classic brickwork. These fireplaces are very obvious in not needing wood logs, or other demands of real fireplaces. Gas fireplaces which attempt to look more traditional are also common. These faux-traditional fireplaces mimic the style of aged designs, with brickwork and a mantle.

Heating Efficiency

Gas fireplace installation has become increasingly commonplace because they help homeowners control their heating costs. Once installed, homes can be kept at a lower base temperature during winter months, as the fireplace will selectively heat the room or rooms it is exposed to. This is especially helpful if the fireplace is located in the main family room or living space, as heat can be added only where needed.

Beware of Vent Free Fireplaces

As you hunt for a fireplace online, it’s easy to be drawn to beautiful vent free fireplaces. These fireplaces are mountable on walls, don’t require vents to be built in or added to the home, and look similar to a moving image. But vent less or vent free gas fireplaces are actually banned outright in Ontario, however are still sold online to Ontario addresses. These fireplaces pose a serious carbon monoxide risk, and HVAC companies and home inspectors will request that you remove of them immediately.   

Return on Investment

Beyond benefiting you, your gas fireplace installation will immediate add value to your home. According to recent studies, a new gas fireplace can raise the value of a home by an average of $5,900. If you ever decide to sell, your gas fireplace will give you a fantastic advantage.

Professional Installation

When you have chosen the model you want, gas fireplace installation should be done by professionals. They will inspect your existing gas line and if necessary, do repairs and replacements so it’s working its best with the new addition. Thankfully, Climate Experts offer a 10-year warranty on parts and labor with annual maintenance. Give us a call today and have your gas fireplace installation taken care of by professionals, and enjoy the luxury of a new fireplace. 

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