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Furnace Maintenance: Top Issues You Need a Repair Service

furnace repair

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Furnace problems can be a major source of discomfort and inconvenience in a home during the cold winter months in Canada. It is important to be aware of the most common furnace repairs and problems that may arise to ensure your home’s heating system’s safety, comfort, and efficiency. This article will discuss the most common furnace repair signs, problems Canadians may experience, and the steps to take to fix them.

Common Furnace Issues: Potential Causes and Solutions

Furnace maintenance in top shape will help you stay stress-free, feel better about yourself, and save money. It should go without saying that you ought to attempt regular furnace maintenance. Doing this can spare you from dealing with issues that suddenly arise.

But issues will eventually arise, so be ready to deal with them. The usual furnace issues that could appear out of nowhere are listed here, along with solutions.

Clogged Filters 

Clogged air filters in your furnace may be the cause of its inefficiency. Filters that aren’t kept clean prevent air from entering and leaving the appliance. The HVAC system struggles to transfer heat efficiently due to the restriction in airflow.

Disturbing and Odd Noises

The weird loud noises emanating from your furnace could have a lot of explanations. But they all share the horrifying and frequently inconvenient noises that they make.

If the furnace makes a loud buzzing noise when you turn it on, there may be obstacles in the chamber. Ignition is delayed by obstructions brought on by a buildup of oil or soot in the room.

Nasty Furnace Odours

Dealing with an unpleasant odour from your furnace is another common issue. The area around your furnace may smell like rotten eggs.

Pipe Faults or Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are frequently the leading cause of the unpleasant odour from your gas furnace. This obnoxious smell, typical of gas leaks, is created by the mixture of methanethiol and the natural gas used to run the stove.

Broken Power Cable 

The majority of individuals don’t consider checking the power lines when their electrical equipment abruptly stops working. As a result, you may worry that your furnace is broken when the electricity line is faulty.

Continuous Blower Use

The blower on your convection furnace shouldn’t ever run nonstop. The thermostat should be turned off once the target temperature has been reached. The list of potential causes for your furnace blower running nonstop is below.

Unstable Limit Switch

When you can’t get the blower to stop in your furnace, the limit switch is frequently to blame. Based on the temperature within the furnace, the limit switch decides whether to turn the on or off the stove. It controls whether the blower is on or off.

Trips on the Circuit Breakers 

Another frequent problem that could be to blame for your furnace not turning on is a broken circuit breaker. A crucial component of the electrical panel in your apartment is the circuit breaker.

Problems With the Pilot Light and Ignition

One of the many issues you could have with an older furnace is the pilot light. There could be a blocked pilot orifice, a low flame setting, or a broken safety switch causing the pilot light to flicker off repeatedly.

Unreliable Electric Ignition

Pilot lights in electric furnaces are the equivalent of electric ignitions. In contrast to pilot lights, they don’t use open flames. Yet, they are also prone to several issues. For instance, they can start to release less heat all of a sudden.

Heat Exchangers with Cracks

The furnace periodically smells terrible due to heat exchanger issues. Cracks can make the furnace-less effective, which increases the risk of harmful carbon monoxide seeping into the house.


Overall, furnace repairs and problems can be daunting after a furnace installation. However, with proper maintenance, many of these issues can be avoided. Canada’s most common furnace problems include clogged air filters, noisy operation, insufficient heating, and dirty burners. These can be easily resolved with the help of a professional technician. In addition, it is important to ensure the furnace is properly installed and the system is regularly checked and serviced to prevent any major breakdowns. With the right approach, furnace repairs and problems can be easily handled.

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