Six DIY Central Air Conditioning Repairs To Avoid

air conditioner repairIt’s understandable that many people want to save money when they can. After all, it’s hard to make, but easy to spend, and when it’s something more mundane, such as repairing a broken AC system, it can feel like money that’s going down the drain. Central air conditioning, however, is a complex piece of equipment, and when it comes to central air conditioning repair, even when you want to save money, sometimes the best way to do that is getting a professional to do the job, rather than trying to fix it yourself and making the problem worse. If you’re thinking of trying one of the six things on this list yourself, stop and give it another thought.

1 – Replacing The Coolant 

Under normal circumstances, this is not something a homeowner should ever attempt to do. Coolant in an air conditioner is “permanent” in that it doesn’t get burned up like fuel in a car. If your air conditioner is not working properly because it’s run out of coolant, this isn’t as simple as refilling an empty tank. A leak check will have to be performed and the leak repaired prior to recommissioning the system and adding the refrigerant. Get a professional to do this for you.

2 – Burnt Smell Coming From The Condenser 

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner may, from time to time, give off certain smells, especially if you’ve let leaves get into it, which start to rot. However, if you smell something burnt, that may be faulty wiring or damaged insulation. Don’t attempt to fix this yourself.

3 – Different Parts Of The House Not Getting Cooled Down 

This could have a few different causes, so it’s definitely not recommended that you take up a screwdriver or drill and try to this central air conditioning repair yourself. There may be underlining causes with the distribution system or building envelope causing hot spots in your home. A technician will be able to point out possible flaws in the overall system and in some cases there may not be any issues with the air conditioner functionality at all.

4 – Musty Smell From Vents 

This could be a sign of a mould infestation in your vents. Not only does this make your air smell terrible, it actually poses a health threat to the lungs of people inside. This type of problem could be located anywhere in a ventilation system and is extremely difficult to track down without the right tools and experience.

5 – Condenser Is Making Unusual Noises 

You should definitely not try to address this issue yourself. A condenser is bound to make a certain amount of noise as its fan spins up and it starts drawing in air that is then cooled. But if it makes grinding, uneven noises with no rhythm, and you’ve never heard them before, don’t try to find and fix the problem yourself, this has already entered into the realm of a serious, complex problem.

6 – Moisture Or Liquid Appearing 

This isn’t as easy as spotting a wet area in your air conditioner and wiping it down or wrapping some duct tape around a leak. When liquid appears where it didn’t before, this could indicate low coolant causing a freeze up or a blocked drain. This will require a professional central air conditioning repair to address properly.

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