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Air Conditioner Service Ajax: Prepare for the Heat Wave!

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The summer heat is coming. With it comes a high demand for cooled air coming from your home’s air conditioner. If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to ensure your AC system is working at its best before the intense demand of a heatwave overwhelms it. It’s always best to get preventive maintenance for your air conditioner before the start of the summer months. If you need air conditioner service, Ajax residents can put Climate Experts to work for them today.

What Type of AC Maintenance Does Your System Need?

The first step is air conditioner maintenance. These are steps required by the manufacturer of the system to help ensure it runs properly. You can do this on your own if you follow the owner’s manual for how to handle preventative maintenance. It’s often better, though, to use a professional who can clean and maintain the system properly.

During the annual inspection from a licensed technician, they are likely to clean or replace filters, check all wiring to ensure it is in place, and check the refrigerant levels. They will also perform a visual inspection to ensure the entire system is operating at its best.

Tackling Repair and Installation Needs

In the rare situation that your system needs substantial repair or replacement, now is the time to do so. During the spring months, there’s less demand for the AC, which means you will not have to go as long without it while a new one is put into place.

More so, if you don’t tackle those repairs now, they are likely to lead to much higher costs in emergency repairs later. If your system isn’t operating efficiently, that could mean higher fuel costs, less comfort, and less moisture control in your home, putting allergy and asthma sufferers at risk.

During an air conditioner service, Ajax customers will learn about any repairs needed to improve the function or efficiency of their system. That means giving you peace of mind all summer long.

Don’t Get Caught in the Heat – Call Us Today

For air conditioner service in Ajax, call Climate Experts now. We can provide the preventative maintenance and the AC repairs you need now before the high temperatures make it hard to manage your day. Let our team offer competitive prices on all of the services we offer. Call 1-855-241-7171 to learn more.

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