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Top 4 Reasons Why Your AC Takes Long in Cooling the House

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It’s hot outside, and you’ve been looking forward to coming home to your air-conditioned house all day. 

But when you finally walk in, the air is just as hot and muggy as it was outside. Why does it take the AC so long to chill the home down?

Numerous factors could be at play if your air conditioner isn’t cooling your house as quickly as you’d want. First, it could be that the air conditioner is too small for the space it’s trying to cool. 

Another possibility is that your air conditioner in Oshawa isn’t working as efficiently as it could be. This could be due to several factors, such as a dirty air filter, coils, or refrigerant leak. If your air conditioner isn’t operating at peak efficiency, it will take longer to cool your home.

Finally, it could be that the temperature outside is too hot for your air conditioner to keep up with. If the temperature outside is in the 90s or higher, your AC unit will have difficulty removing enough heat from the air to lower the temperature inside your home.

If you’re not sure why your air conditioner is taking so long to cool down your house, it’s best to contact a professional for an air conditioner repair. They can diagnose the problem and help you find a solution.

You rely on your air conditioner to keep things cool inside while it’s hot outside. How long does your air conditioner take to chill the house, though? This is typical on hot days when your air conditioner works harder than usual. 

However, if the temperature is not that high and your air conditioner is still having issues, there may be a problem with your cooling system. Use these ideas to assist you in finding a solution.

Damaged Ductwork

Your HVAC system’s arteries and veins are the air ducts. Your air conditioner might have to work harder and longer to keep your house cool if there is a leak on the supply or return side.

Call for an air conditioner service in Oshawa to have the ventilation in your home checked if you see a lot of dust or changing temperatures. The issue can be fixed by replacing or sealing the ducts.

Dirty Air Filter

A blocked filter is the most frequent cause of an air conditioning system failing to reduce the indoor temperature immediately. A filter’s job is to eliminate airborne impurities that can damage delicate HVAC equipment. 

Even small airborne pollutants can be captured by more effective filters, enhancing indoor air quality.

Over time, dust, pet hair, and fabric fibers accumulate in the filter and restrict airflow. This problem can result in higher energy costs, more AC unit damage, overheating and lengthening the time it takes for the AC unit to cool the house.

Solution: Once a month, check your air filter and replace it if it appears clogged. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, or swap out the filter no later than three months. At your upcoming service appointment, ask an HVAC professional for assistance if you’re unsure of where the air filter is located.

Leak of Refrigerant

To stay cool, a house needs refrigerant. This liquid typically circulates in a closed loop back and forth between the indoor and outdoor units. It will be more difficult to manage the cycle of heat absorption and release from your home if a leak appears and your cooling system starts to lose refrigerant.

The only person qualified to repair refrigerant leaks and top off the system is a certified technician. Contact HVAC specialists immediately for assistance if you think you may have this issue.

Misconfigured Thermostat

To function effectively, your thermostat must be compatible with your cooling system. After that, the temperature must be carefully adjusted. The use of a Wi-Fi or programmable thermostat yields the finest results.

Split-system air conditioners have blocked evaporator coils and indoor and outdoor units. The evaporator coil, which uses refrigerant to remove heat from the air, is a component of the inside unit. It is more difficult to lower the temperature in your home if the evaporator coil is unclean since the refrigerant has trouble holding onto heat effectively.

Contact HVAC professionals to have your air conditioner properly cleaned and tuned. Cleaning the evaporator coil of junk to enhance cooling performance is a crucial component of this procedure.


Several reasons your AC may take a while to cool down your house. The house size, the quantity of windows, the type of insulation, or the positioning of your air conditioner could all contribute to this. If you’re unsure of the cause, it’s best to consult a professional. Meanwhile, you can take a few actions to speed up the cooling process in your home, such as drawing the shades or turning on a fan.

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