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Why Is the AC Running But Not Cooling?

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If your air conditioner is not operating properly, it could be time to call in a technician. One of the most common reasons to do this is when your air conditioner is running – you can feel air coming into the room through the vents – but the home isn’t getting cool. There are a few potential causes for this. If you are experiencing it, it is beneficial to call a licensed technician for air conditioner repair in Ajax instead of trying to make the repairs on your own.

Why Isn’t It Cooling?

There are a few potential causes for the home not to get cool even though the air conditioner is getting power and seems to be operational.

Air filter: One of the most common problems is a very clogged air conditioner filter. Make this the first thing you check. If air cannot get into the system, it cannot push enough air into the home. The system will continue to try to operate, but over time, it may begin to fail. If replacing the air filter helps cool the home, that is the right place to start.

Blocked condenser: Another potential problem is that the outdoor condenser unit is blocked. A blocked or clogged condenser coil cannot pull in enough air to meet the demands of the air conditioner. The condenser fan should pull in air from outdoors and into the system to cool. However, dirt, grass, leaves, and other debris can get in the way, minimizing the amount of air that can travel into the system. Check the outdoor unit for debris. If it is significantly blocked, this could be the problem.

Refrigerant leak: In some cases, you may need air conditioner repair if your system is running and blowing air, but no cool air is coming out. Refrigerant is a chemical necessary for cooling to take place. In some situations, the cooling system can develop a leak, leading to the loss of cooled air. When this happens, it can make it nearly impossible for your AC to get your home to a comfortable level. Have a technician come out to inspect the system to determine the problem, find the leak, repair it, and refill the refrigerant.

Undersized: In some situations, the air conditioner is undersized. That means that there is simply not enough power from the system to cool the entire home. That can lead to numerous limitations – including an inability for the home to get to the right temperature. It may be time to upgrade the system.

Finding the Right Repair Technician Is Easy to Do

Air conditioner repair in Ajax is available from Climate Experts Heating & Cooling. If you are having trouble keeping your home’s air comfortable, do not put off getting the help you need. Without a doubt, it is often necessary to have a professional troubleshoot what is occurring.

We are happy to help you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our team to come to you for a consultation.


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