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Have you ever wished you could save space in your house by reducing the number of large appliances you have? Or perhaps you’ve wished there was a way to combine similar functions in your home, such as heating water and heating the house, in a single device? If this sounds familiar, then you need to know about the combi boiler, a two-in-one appliance that can provide your home with heat and hot water at the same time, thereby saving you time, money, space, and more.

What Is a Combi Boiler and How Does It Work?

To understand how combi boilers work, it can help to understand how water heaters and boiler systems work. Water heaters are typically large water tanks equipped with a holding tank and burner. The burner warms the water in the tank to a desired temperature and then the city water pressure carries it throughout the house as necessary when you turn on a faucet. A boiler works similarly, but instead of hot water traveling to your taps, it pumps it through the home’s radiator system or in floor heating system using a pump, where the water transfers heat to the air to provide warmth. Combi boilers simply combine these two appliances into a single high-efficiency unit that provides both the heat and hot water for your home.

Combi Boilers Save Space

Combi boilers are incredibly compact and can save a great deal of space. For one thing, they are on-demand water heaters, meaning they don’t require a tank to store hot water. Instead, they heat water as necessary to supply your faucets and radiator system. Another way they save space is by eliminating the need for two separate appliances for hot water and heat.

They Also Save Energy and Money

Tankless water heaters are far more efficient units than conventional ones, and this means a combi boiler can reduce your energy consumption and bills. And by combining the functions of two appliances into a single unit, the combi boiler will further reduce your energy bills. Overall, these appliances could save you 15% or more on utilities. Moreover, it’s far cheaper to purchase, install, and maintain a single unit than it is a separate water heater and furnace, so this is yet another way a combi boiler can save you money.

Determining if a Combi Boiler Is Right for Your Home

Combi boilers are compact but also have a smaller capacity than conventional water heaters, making them ideal in small houses that have limited space and typically only one bathroom. As such, combi boilers are best for small families or couples. However, if you do have more than one bathroom and want the option to run multiple hot taps simultaneously, then you can explore the possibility of getting an extra storage tank for hot water.

When you want more environmentally friendly and less expensive options for heating your home and your water, the combi boiler is an excellent solution, especially if you don’t have a large house or big family. For more information about combi boilers or to schedule a free estimate, call Climate Experts Inc. today!

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