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8 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Furnace


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As a responsible homeowner, you must regularly maintain the furnace in your home. After all, having no heat for the entire winter is a struggle in and of itself. Meanwhile, you will need air conditioning to save you and your family from heat waves. 

Read on to discover the eight telltale signs it’s time to repair your furnace.

Sign #1: The Odour

Furnaces should no longer create a strong odour once some time has passed. As such,  it’s recommended that you schedule furnace maintenance if you notice an odour that comes abruptly or persists for a lengthy period of time.

Strong exhaust odours may come from inefficient combustion. Aldehydes are responsible for the unpleasant stench created by inadequate combustion.

Sign #2: The Water Leaks

If you notice a pool of water near your heating system, you most likely have a water leak, which is a simple problem to resolve.

Condensation is the most likely cause of water seepage. A broken condensation line or a clogged condensation drain could be the source of the problem. A clogged drain or humidifier, for example, could also produce a leak.

Sign #3: The Gas Leaks

If you detect the odour of gas, contact an HVAC professional as soon as possible. Because gas ignites so quickly, even the smallest spark can utterly demolish your home. You should leave the house until the leak is repaired or a competent expert determines that the furnace is not leaking.

Sign #4: The Strain to Turn the Unit On

When it comes to maintenance, the needs of a furnace grow in direct proportion to its age. There is a chance that you will eventually have problems starting and running the machine.

If starting your furnace takes many attempts or if you’re obliged to do it several times per day, you should contact a skilled technician. Many of these problems could be attributed to dirty filters, internal AC coils, and secondary heat exchangers.  possible that a filthy flame sensor will cause the furnace to behave erratically.

Sign #5: The Separate Heat Sources

If you see shifting temperatures despite other parameters remaining constant, it’s likely that your furnace requires maintenance. If your furnace is in good functioning order, you should not have alternating episodes of cold and warm temperatures in your home.  always better to have an even heat distribution.

Sign #6: The Increasing Energy Costs

If you notice a rise in your monthly energy expenses, your furnace may be inefficient and in need of repair. Even while you should expect seasonal fluctuations in your energy costs, you should nonetheless be on the watch for sudden or persistent increases that cannot be justified. These could be indications that your furnace is malfunctioning.

Sign #7: The Detected Carbon Monoxide

If your home’s carbon monoxide alarm goes off, it means you’re in a perilous scenario that necessitates emergency evacuation and the attention of HVAC specialists.

Carbon monoxide is lethal. Heat exchangers with cracks could potentially allow gas into the home. Carbon monoxide can only be detected by its existence in the form of an alert because it lacks both odour and colour.

Sign #8: The Unpleasant Noise

A furnace’s condition can be determined by listening to its typical continuous buzzing sound. Strange noises emanating from the furnace, such as pounding, rattling, irregular humming, moaning, and rattles, could indicate a problem.

If the noises continue, you should contact a competent expert who can evaluate the issue and confirm that your heater is not malfunctioning.


Now that you know the telltale signs it’s time to repair your furnace, your job as a homeowner is to be attentive to them. After all, you never know when your furnace gives up on you. As such, if you call a furnace repair professional, they will be able to identify the problems and immediately provide the best solutions for your home.

Are you in need of furnace repair in Pickering? The Climate Experts team is here to help you with your furnace needs, even for emergencies! Simply give us a call today to learn more about our services.

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