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What You Should Know about Costs When Getting a New Furnace

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Once the temperatures drop and the winter months approach, you must look for ways to warm your home. You can effectively and efficiently do this by scheduling a new professional furnace installation, especially if you’re ready to dispose of your old heating system. 

However, like other significant investments, you must consider the costs to keep your house comfortable and energy efficient. If you’re serious about preparing your property for the winter, this article will explain what homeowners must know about the costs when getting a new furnace.

How Much Does a Furnace Typically Cost?

Depending on your choice, a new furnace can cost anywhere from CAD 2,700 to CAD 7,300. The installation cost for a mid-efficiency furnace, which has an efficiency rating of 80% to 89% and vents through a chimney, ranges from CAD 815 to CAD 5,415. Meanwhile, a high-efficiency furnace has an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90% to 97% and vents through a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe in the wall, costing between CAD 4,500 to CAD 13,500 to install.

5 Cost Factors to Consider

Installing a new furnace on your property can be daunting for many homeowners. Besides the installation costs, this section will enumerate more factors to remember when finding a new furnace for their living space. 

1. Efficiency 

While furnaces with higher AFUE ratings use more of the heat they generate, they also cost more to install and repair. If you have an older, inefficient heating system, upgrading to a mid-efficiency furnace may be enough to lower energy bills. Opt for a furnace with an AFUE rating of 90% to 95% to balance energy efficiency and installation cost.

2. Energy Source

The primary fuel sources for furnaces are electricity, natural gas and oil, and the costs vary by area. Although gas and oil furnaces are more powerful, they require annual maintenance and have higher risks. Meanwhile, switching to fuel sources may involve additional labour costs.

3. Furnace Size

The technician considers your home’s size, construction, and surroundings to determine the appropriate furnace size. A tiny heating unit won’t heat the house efficiently, while a too-big furnace can lead to problems like short cycling.

4. Installation 

You can buy a furnace separately and pay for installation separately. The installation costs between CAD 1,200 and CAD 4,100 and takes about 10.5 hours. However, you should never consider this a DIY job. Instead, let certified technicians handle it. 

5. Ongoing Costs 

Regular maintenance, changing, and cleaning the air filter can help you save money on the furnace’s overall cost by ensuring energy efficiency and avoiding costly repairs. The average price of a furnace tune-up is CAD 95 to CAD 270, and replacing the filters costs CAD 135 and CAD 240. 

What Are the Red Flags of a Troubled Furnace?

Signs of trouble include old age, high energy bills, and inefficient heating. If your furnace needed repairs more than twice in the past two years, you must replace it. You should also be vigilant if you notice short cycling, noises, and smells. 

Moreover, gas leaks, wiring problems, dust, and mould can lead to furnace and health troubles if you don’t schedule routine maintenance to prevent them.

How to Prolong Your Furnace’s Lifespan 

Being a responsible furnace owner goes beyond professional installation. You must also learn to maintain it properly to prolong your heating unit’s lifespan. You can do so by changing the air filter regularly, scheduling repairs promptly, and buying the right size furnace. You should also schedule annual tune-ups and improve your home’s insulation. 


Homeowners must always consider the costs when installing a new furnace in their living space, as it can significantly affect the area’s energy efficiency and comfort. You can buy the best heating unit by considering your needs, letting professionals set it up, and scheduling routine maintenance. 

If your home needs professional furnace installation in Ottawa, call the Climate Experts! Our Canada-operated and owned company is ready to help homeowners enjoy a comfortable and energy-efficient winter. Get your free estimate now!

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