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Signs You Need Ductless Repair Soon

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Do you have a ductless air conditioner that may not be working the way you want and need it to? It may be time to consider ductless repair in Oshawa. Your ductless system can be a highly reliable system, and with good maintenance and upkeep, you may not need a lot of repairs over time. However, as soon as you start to see problems, it is best to call a professional for repair before the problem worsens. Here are a few examples of when this needs to be done.

The Controls Are Unresponsive

One indication that it is time to get some help for your system is when the controls on the device are not responding to you or are no longer reliable. If the system fails to respond when you turn it on or off, or the controls are simply not registering, that may be an indication of a need for repairs related to the electrical components.

Grinding Noises

It is sometimes common to hear your ductless system running. However, if you notice a change in the way it sounds, especially if you hear a grinding sound, it is necessary to consider repairs. The grinding sound often means that the bearings need to be oiled. They could be creating a significant amount of motor friction, which can lead to damage to your system over time.

Higher Energy Bills

When you turn on your ductless air conditioner, that is going to pull more energy. However, if you notice bills are climbing month over month, that often means that there’s a bigger problem at play. Your system may be losing efficiency, especially if it is over 10 years old. If your unit is younger, there could be problems with the air filter, or some of the components may be failing.

It’s Cooling But Not Enough

You may feel like your home does not get cool enough. In other cases, you may feel that the system is working harder even though the air temperature does not seem to be improving. This can often occur due to a leak in the refrigerant, or it may be that the air handler fan is not operational. It is critical to get help for this sooner as it can worsen over time.

Ice Formation

Though less common, it is possible that ice will begin to form on the outdoor components of your air conditioner. This is often due to a clogged filter. However, a nonworking fan, refrigerant leak, or even a dirty coil can lead to this. Do not put this repair off as it can typically cause a significant amount of slow down and energy overconsumption, leading to higher bills.

Getting Repair Help Is an Option

For ductless repair, Oshawa residents can count on our team at Climate Experts Heating & Cooling. We will work closely with you to determine the underlying cause of the problems you are having. We then make recommendations to help you determine the best way to improve functionality all summer long.

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