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What Is the Recommended Boiler Routine Maintenance?


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It’s simple to overlook boiler maintenance, yet it’s essential to the health of your water heater. When performed by a qualified boiler expert, it can significantly improve the efficiency of your heater and shield you from larger, more costly issues in the future.

This article is for you if it has been a while since you had your boiler serviced, so keep reading!

How Frequently Should a Boiler Be Serviced?

A yearly boiler service is recommended, but there are also a number of additional elements at work. Generally speaking, you should first check with your manufacturer.

You are obligated by law to get your gas boiler serviced once a year if you own one. Your boiler or house warranty could become null and void if you don’t complete a service at least once a year. 

As a result, be sure to note the date of your water heater’s most recent maintenance and set a reminder to schedule an appointment when it’s time.

Although it is not required, annual servicing for electric boilers is advised. But speak with your insurance provider first because they might still urge that you have it done annually.

Your water heater can frequently be kept in working order with just an annual boiler service, and regular upkeep of its components will fend off larger, more expensive problems down the road.

When Should Your Boiler Be Serviced?

Experts advise having your water heater serviced in the following circumstances:

  • If Your Previous Boiler Servicing Was More Than a Year Ago

Always keep track of the last time your water heater was serviced so you can plan the upcoming yearly appointment. Some businesses will let you make a standing reservation, and they’ll call you to schedule your service.

  • If You’ve Relocated

There is no way to determine when the boiler was last serviced unless the previous owners have informed you. Get it checked when you move in to be on the safe side. Then, make a note of the service date and adhere to the routine for yearly checkups.

  • Whether the Efficiency of Your Boiler Is Declining

It could be time to check your water heater if it’s been less than a year since your previous boiler service, yet it still appears inefficient. In the long run, increasing your boiler’s efficiency will cost you less money. Additionally, a service can spot any greater problems and fix them before they worsen.

  • When It’s Summertime

Have this checkup done in the summer so that you can obtain an appointment sooner, and the engineers won’t be as busy. You won’t freeze in the cold because your boiler will be up and running without a hitch throughout the winter.

Why You Need to Have Your Boiler Serviced

If you’re wondering why you should have your boiler serviced in the first place, perhaps the following justifications can put your mind at ease.

  • It Safeguards Your House

Annual boiler maintenance will help you avoid potentially harmful leaks and problems with your appliance.

  • Your Boiler Becomes More Effective

You can save more on costs by having a more efficient water heater because an efficient boiler will run more easily.

  • Before Things Worsen, the Engineer Can Identify Difficulties

Ignoring tiny problems can cause them to grow into serious problems that will cost you a lot of money in the long run. To stop this from happening, the engineer can handle any minor issues.


If you spot any problems with your boiler, it is important to get them fixed as soon as possible. However, if you are not sure how to fix the problem, it is always best to call a qualified engineer. 

You can contribute to keeping your house secure and toasty all winter long by making sure your boiler is routinely serviced and maintained.

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