Navien Boilers & Tankless Water Heaters

Navien boilers and water heaters are some of the best in the business. Navien is a world-class leader in condensing technology. Climate Experts are happy to be able to provide Durham Region with Navien products.

Choose from a selection of tankless water heaters that are incredibly energy efficient. Using Navien boilers will show you a huge difference in how quickly your water heats up and how much you have. While the initial cost of these machines may be a little more than a standard condensing water heater, but that’s fine. The lifetime benefits make up for it quickly!

Boiler Maintenance, Installation and Repairs

When you go with Climate Experts, you get the best price on the best technology every time. We provide full installation services and maintenance on your new Navien boiler forever. We provide quality boiler repairs at a fair market price are on call 24/7 to serve you in a quick. We always keep Navien boilers’ parts in stock, so we can provide a quick turnover time for your repair. Our technicians are here to help you stay warm on during those cold winter months!

We also believe that the best way to avoid costly and consistent repairs on your Navien boilers is with regular maintenance. We run dignostics, test controls, safeties and every other part to make sure everything is running smoothly. We’ll also do a thorough clean of your machine. We use a combustion analyzer to measure carbon monoxide, noxious gases and also check appliance combustion efficiencyso you can be sure your Navein boilers are working like new all the time!  

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