Healthy Climate Humidifiers HCWP3, HCWB3

Add just the right amount of moisture to your home with a Healthy Climate Humidifier. Easily installed directly to your indoor heating and cooling system, both the HCWP3 Power and HCWB3 Bypass Humidifiers provide an easier-to-use and less intrusive option for regulating dry-air environments. Along with a superior built-in fan that allows for ultimate circulation of humidified air, Lennox Humidifiers keep humidity levels between 30 to 60 percent – the ideal range for comfort. For more information on specifications and affordable pricing, contact us online.


  • High-output performance
  • Portable indoor air-quality system
  • Easy installation
  • Install directly to your home heating and cooling system
  • 5-year limited warranty

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