Daikin AURORA – FDMQ Ducted Concealed

Single Zone Heat Pump

Redesigned to withstand extreme weather conditions, the Daikin AURORA – FDMQ ducted concealed unit makes a difference in any room, offering concealed comfort and flexibility.


  • Energy Efficient – Up to 19.4 SEER – up to 10.8 HSPF – up to 12.7 EER
  • Up to 100% Cooling Capacity at 104˚F (40˚C) and efficient operation as high as 115˚F (46˚C) ambient temperature
  • Up to 100% Heating Capacity at 5˚F (-15˚C) and efficient operation as low as -13˚F (-25˚C) ambient temperature
  • Cooling Range 50˚ – 115˚F (10˚ – 46˚C) (Extended operation to -4˚ – 115˚F (-20˚ – 46˚C) with facility setting and air adjustment grille)
  • Heating Range -13˚ – 65˚F (-25˚ – 18˚C)
  • Capable of providing external static pressures up to .6 in. WG (150 Pa) on all models
  • Redesigned PCB in the outdoor unit to withstand extreme conditions
  • Indoor Sound Pressure as low as 33 dB(A)
  • Outdoor Sound Pressure as Low as 50 dB(A)
  • Program Dry Function
  • Auto Changeover
  • Auto-Fan Speed control (with wired controller) Self-Diagnostics with digital display
  • Drain Pan Inspection Port
  • Integral Lift Mechanism
  • Auto Restart After Power Failure
  • Anti-Corrosion Heat Exchanger Treatment
  • Quick Warming Function
  • Hot Start Function
  • Automatic Defrosting
  • Compatible with DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor
  • No optional adapter needed for DIII – connection
  • Link your unit into the wider building management system
  • Compatible with the Daikin Zoning Kit (DZKS)

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