Continental Gas Fireplaces

Select from a variety of style and heat output/control options with the luxurious and reliable Direct Vent Fireplace line by Continental. Boasting features like advanced burner technology, a 100% SAFE GUARD gas control system and superior heat-circulating blowers – Continental Fireplaces provide instant comfort and gorgeous ember bed “Dancing Flames” décor. To learn more about additional accessory options, specifications and affordable pricing, fill out our online form.

Direct Vent Fireplace Models:

  • CB30
  • Multi-View CBHD4
  • CB42
  • CX36-1
  • CB36
  • CBL36
  • CX70
  • BCDV36CF
  • CWHD31
  • CHD35
  • CHD40
  • CHDX40
  • CHD46
  • CLHD45
  • Multi-View – CBHD4

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