IBC SL 35-199 Condensing Boiler

Control the heating of your home with the new touch-screen controller of the SL 35-199. Known for its high-efficiency performance of 95 percent AFUE and venting of up to 400 feet – this IBC condensing boiler assures durability and an impressively long lifespan. Along with convenient bottom piping connections for easy network piping, the SL 35-199 also features built-in outdoor reset control of your water temperature. For more information on specifications and affordable IBC boiler prices, fill out our online form.


  • 35,000 to 199,000 BTU/H
  • Touch-screen boiler controller
  • Patented moisture management system
  • Industry leading ratio of 5:75 : 1, heat your home in coldest weather with short cycling
  • Connect IBC indirect water tank directly to boiler without primary loop
  • Built-in outdoor reset control of water temperature
  • Better efficiency 95 percent AFUE
  • Venting of up to 400 feet

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