IBC SL 20-115 G2 Condensing Boiler

With supply/return connections built-in on both sides of the SL 20-115 G2, this specialized condensing boiler couldn’t be any easier to install. Designed with energy savings and optimal efficiency top of mind, the IBC SL allows you to connect your IBC indirect water tank directly to your boiler, without a primary loop. Ideal for heating your home even in the coldest of weather, the SL 20-115 G2 comes with touch-screen controller options and boasts an industry leading ratio of 5:75 : 1. For more information on features and IBC boiler prices, fill out our online form.


  • 20,000 to 115,000 BTU/H
  • New touch screen boiler controller
  • Industry leading ratio of 5:75 : 1, heat your home in coldest weather with short cycling
  • Connect IBC indirect water tank directly to boiler without primary loop
  • Built-in outdoor reset control of water temperature
  • Better efficiency 95 percent AFUE
  • Very low water side and combustion side pressure drops
  • Built-in, 4 load priority management and switching

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