Fujitsu RLXFZ Ductless Multi-Head Air Conditioner

Beat the heat in your small or medium sized living space with the efficient multi-head Fujitsu RLXFZ ductless air conditioner. Built with superior airflow control and specialized quiet operating mode, the Fujitsu RLXFZ is known for its inverter technology feature, which assures your air conditioner only runs as fast as it needs to handle your cooling or heating preference. Powerful yet compact, the RLXFX is ENERGY STAR qualified and has a programmable remote. Learn more about the Fujitsu ductless air conditioner price and specifications by filling out our online form.

Fujitsu RLXFZ Ductless Air Conditioner Features:
• Wireless remote controller
• Smart System: Auto Mode
• Superior quiet operation
• Inverter technology
• Washable panel filter

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Is a Ductless Air Conditioner the right fit for me?

Ductless Air Conditioners offer the double benefit of being affordable, with a quick and easy installation process.

Ductless Air Conditioners, also known as mini-split conditioners, work by using a pump that condenses and converts outdoor air into the indoor components. These systems do not require you to install ducts into your walls or attic, and often one unit is enough to cool a small to medium-sized space.

Ductless Air Conditioner owners additionally enjoy the freedom of being in control of the temperature of each room within their home. Instead of heading or cooling all parts of your home to a uniform temperature through a central air system, ductless air conditioners allow you cool only the spaces in use, which can present significant cost savings on your overall energy bill.

Allergy sufferers rejoice! Ductless air conditioners, as the name implies, offer the benefit of no ducts. Ducts can be breeding grounds for dirt, debris, and moisture. Unless you are having your ducts cleaned on a regular basis, this buildup can impact the quality of your air, and can affect allergy sufferers. Ductless air conditioners, on the other hand, are easy to clean and maintain.

For more information on the benefits of ductless air conditioners, and to see if this unit is the right choice for your space, reach out to one of our Climate Experts.

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