Ductless Mitsubishi PEAD, PCA, PKA & PLA Series Air Conditioners

Compact yet powerful, the Mitsubishi P-Series commercial air conditioners are unrivaled in energy efficiency. Along with hyper heat inverter technology, which assures your home remains toasty warm even when traditional heat pump systems can’t perform, P-Series air conditioners maximize stable operations with an innovative flash-injection circuit that provides optimal amounts of refrigerant to its compressor whenever necessary. From super-quiet operations to eco-friendly refrigerants, the Mitsubishi P-Series is an affordable and dependable choice. Learn more about prices and specs by filling out our online form.

Models We Carry:  

  • PEAD Model
  • PCA Model
  • PKA Model
  • PLA Model


  • Superior VCSi technology
  • Hyper heat inverter
  • Various indoor air-quality options
  • Slim smart remote controller
  • Super-quiet operations
  • A 10 year Mitsubishi warranty on all parts and compressors

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