Lennox Air Handlers

Circulate and condition best-quality air throughout your HVAC system and home. With the Lennox Air handler models, you’ll get a reliable, high-performing comfort system that works with your outdoor heat pump or air conditioner seamlessly. Built with a direct-drive blower motor that run smoothly at any speeds, Lennox Air Handlers assure an elevated level of comfort, with minimum operating sounds and energy waste. For more information on affordable Air Handler prices, connect with us online.

Models We Carry:

  • CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler
  • CBX32MV Variable-Speed, Multi-Position Air Handler
  • CBWMV Variable-Speed Hydronic Air Handler
  • CBX27UH Air Handler
  • CBX32M Air Handler
  • CBX25UHV Air Handler
  • CBX25UH Air Handler


  • High-efficiency evaporator coil
  • SilentComfort technology
  • High static compatibility
  • Insulated blower compartment
  • Eco-friendly: R-410A refrigerant
  • 4-way multi-position
  • 10-year limited warranty on covered components
  • Compressor motor designed for quiet, reliable operations

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