Performance and efficiency


Prefabricated multiple boiler system with Vitodens 200-W gas-fired condensing boilers. Rated input: 32 to 4240 MBH

Main Features

Flexible installation

Multiple manifold configurations: floor standing, corner, or back-to-back.

Easy to service

All serviceable components easily accessible from the front.

Optimized design

Boilers are easy to assemble and hydraulically connect prior to installation with prefabricated manifold – no pipe or manifold sizing required.

Intelligent combustion system

Lambda Pro combustion management system automatically adjusts to gas quality.

Integrated low-loss header

This header acts as a hydraulic break and helps eliminate air and debris.

Offered as a packaged system

We ensure that all the right components are included with the system.

Product details

Fuel type

Natural gas (NG) or liquid propane gas (LPG)

Min. input (NG) for single & multiple boilers

32,000 BTU for B2HB-160 & B2HB-199
71,000 BTU for B2HA-285, B2HA-311, B2HA-352
113,000 BTU for B2HA-399 & B2HA-530

Max. input (NG) for single boiler

160,000 BTU for B2HB-160
199,000 BTU for B2HB-199
285,000 BTU for B2HA-285
311,000 BTU for B2HA-311
352,000 BTU for B2HA-352
399,000 BTU for B2HA-399
530,000 BTU for B2HA-530

Max. input (NG) for 8-boiler system

1,280,000 BTU for B2HB-160
1,592,000 BTU for B2HB-199
2,280,000 BTU for B2HA-285
2,488,000 BTU for B2HA-311
2,816,000 BTU for B2HA-352
3,192,000 BTU for B2HA-399
4,240,000 BTU for B2HA-530

Weight of single boiler

210 lbs (95 kg) for B2HB-160 & B2HB-199
194 lbs (88 kg) for B2HA-285, B2HA-311, B2HA-352
298 lbs (135 kg) for B2HA-399 & B2HA-530