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7 Odd Noises a Furnace Can Make and What They Could Mean


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In any home, proper ventilation matters because it ensures a comfortable living environment. During the cold winter months, the furnace often overworks, causing the air to become dry and stuffy. For this reason, it’s a homeowner’s responsibility to take care of their furnace, and the easiest way to spot a problem is if it makes odd noises.

A furnace is supposed to produce a low humming side as it works. Many issues can cause a furnace to malfunction, such as dirty or blocked filters, loose or broken components, and faulty wiring. However, sounds tell a different story because they’re too loud, indicating a severe problem. Few people know what these could mean, so we’ll discuss the details in this article.

What Strange Sounds Can a Furnace Make?

If a furnace doesn’t produce a low humming sound, it can make any of the following:

#1 – Loud Banging

If you hear a loud banging sound coming from your furnace, it’s likely due to loose or damaged parts. This is because the gas ignition is designed to create a loud noise when it ignites, and if there are any loose parts, they can cause the noise to be amplified. In some cases, the banging sound can also be caused by a build-up of soot or debris in the furnace, so it should be cleaned regularly.

#2 – Clicking

When a furnace clicks, the blower is usually affected. This is because the clicking sound is generally caused by the blower motor trying to turn on but unable to do so. Sometimes, it may also be caused by a loose wire or a faulty switch.

#3 – High-Pitched Squealing

If you hear a high-pitched squealing noise from your furnace, it’s likely due to a loose or damaged belt. The belts in furnaces can become worn down over time, which can cause them to squeal when trying to turn the blower. In some cases, you may need to replace the belt entirely.

#4 – Rumbling

If you hear a rumbling noise from your furnace, it’s likely due to a burner problem. The burners are what heat the air in your furnace, and if they’re not working correctly, they can cause a rumbling sound.

#5 – Popping

If you hear a popping noise coming from your furnace, it’s likely due to a build-up of soot or debris in the furnace. The soot or debris can ignite when this happens, causing a popping sound. In some cases, the popping may also be caused by a loose or damaged part.

#6 – High-Pitched Whistling

A high-pitched whistling from within the furnace is typically caused by warped ductwork. The furnace’s ductwork is responsible for carrying the hot air from the furnace to the different rooms in your home. If the ductwork is warped, it can cause the hot air to leak out, which will create a whistling sound.

#7 – Rattling

A rattling sound from your furnace is usually due to a loose part. The rattling can also be caused by something caught in the blower fan, such as a solid object.

Hiring a Furnace Repair Service

If you hear odd sounds from your furnace, you should hire a professional. To help you find the right service, here are some considerations:


You must consider the company’s experience when hiring a furnace repair service. A company with a few years of experience can still provide quality services, but hiring a company with a long experience is recommended. You can try looking for referrals from people you know or look at online reviews.

License and Permits

A furnace repair service must always have a license and permits required to perform the repair. By checking if the company has the required license and permits, you can be sure that you are dealing with a legitimate company that can perform the repair.


Different furnace repair services charge different prices, so you should compare the prices of several companies before hiring one. You can ask each company for a quote and then assess each to fight the right fit for your budget.


A furnace provides warmth during the cold season, so you must ensure that it’s functioning correctly. If you have noticed that your furnace is not working as well as it used to, you should hire a furnace repair service. When you do, your home will be better because everyone can live comfortably.

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