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Maintaining Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

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Posted by admin on October 27, 2014

Concerns over indoor air quality are growing daily — ensure that your home’s air quality is at its highest level by investing in some efficient and effective standard equipment. From reducing indoor pollution to ensuring appropriate humidity levels, these five air quality products will help you and your family breathe a whole lot easier.

Media Air Cleaner

Also known as a pure air cleaner, these machines will filter out airborne pollution to literally clean your air. When you are sleeping, they are still at work purifying the air particles, and killing bacteria and other airborne viruses. You can also custom order a metal boot for perfect installation.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

Rather than filtering your air, a heat recovery ventilator will replace indoor air with fresh outdoor air. The exchange of air can be accomplished with almost no heat loss from your home with an internal core that prevents energy loss because it retains indoor air heat. They work exceptionally well in homes that are sealed well, and since they do not give off ozone emissions, they reduce lung irritation too.

Hepa Filters for your Furnace

One of the least expensive ways to improve indoor air quality is to install a hepa filter beside your furnace or duct work. When your hepa filter is installed, it will filter air from the return air on your furnace and put the clean air back into circulation. This is an efficient way to reduce in-home air pollution without compromising your home’s interior design.

UV Lights

In the return air portion of your air ducts, UV lights are installed to reduce harmful airborne particles, like yeast, mold, viruses and bacteria. A reduction in these particles can also improve the indoor air quality by eliminating odors too. UV lights will also noticeably cut down on contaminates and pollutants that can trigger coughing, sneezing and other allergic reactions.


Humidifiers retain the moisture in your air protecting you and your family’s health, along with certain building materials. A humidifier should reduce the number of complaints about sore throats and congestion, along with static electricity. For homes with a lot of natural wood or hardwood floors, humidifiers can also reduce cracking and splitting, and help maintain the finishes. 

You can easily improve your home’s indoor air quality with investments in these air quality products. For an appointment to arrange a free estimate, please contact the Climate Experts.

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