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How Smart Thermostats Can Save You Money

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Smart thermostats are an increasingly popular integration in modern households, often touted for their high functioning capacity and innovative style.

One of the major perceived benefits of smart thermostats is their potential to save you money. But how, and how much?

How Does A Smart Thermostat Save You Money?

Through the employment of technologies such as geofencing, scheduling and motion sensing, smart thermostats have the ability to save users money through their capacity to reduce unnecessary energy usage. By using parameters such as time of day or room activity to adjust temperatures, smart thermostats allow homeowners to only use energy when it’s actually needed, and to thus save on energy costs.

How Much Is The Average Savings With A Smart Thermostat?

The amount of energy you conserve through the use of a smart thermostat depends on your local climate, as well as home occupancy and size.

According do Energy Star, homeowners can save an average of 8% on heating or cooling costs with the use of their certified smart thermostats.

However, companies like ecobee claim that their users save as much as 26%.

Regardless, smart thermostats certainly do have the potential to help homeowners save money. Really, what it comes down to in this regard is your specific home and whether or not you’ve chosen the right smart thermostat for it. 

With the application of technology and innovation, smart thermostats hold promise to homeowners in the way that they can assist in the conservation of energy, and result in a minimization of related costs. One thing to keep in mind when looking to install one however, is guaranteeing that you’re choosing the best device for your given needs. If unsure about what options are right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to your qualified climate control expert for assistance.

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