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Contributing Factors for Your Furnace Filter Replacement

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When it comes to your furnace, one of the most important things you can do to keep it running properly is to regularly replace the filter. A furnace filter helps remove contaminants from the air that passes through it, which can improve the air quality in your home and prolong the life of your furnace system.

That said, there are a few factors to consider when deciding how often to replace your furnace filter, and we have listed them all below.

The frequency with which you need to replace your filter is dependent on a number of different factors. You may have to change your filter more frequently than the recommended standards if:

1. You Have Pets at Home

In particular, canines and felines produce a great deal of pet hair due to their tendency to shed. Furnace filters are particularly vulnerable to accumulations of pet hair, and indoor air quality is negatively impacted by it.

2. You Live with a Couple of Smokers

When people light up indoors, they exponentially increase the amount of particles in the air. As a result, the filter in your furnace will wear out faster. If you have a smoker in the house, you should check the filter often and clean or replace it when it gets dirty.

3. You Have Someone at Home with Allergies

Filtered air is crucial for the health and well-being of people who have allergies, especially those who are allergic to pets and dust. When your filter becomes obviously dirty, or your allergy problems worsen at home, it’s time to clean it to prevent a recurrence of both.

4. You’re Doing Home Renovations

Dust from the drywall and other building materials can become airborne during renovations, adding to the already substantial amount of filth. The air quality in your home should be monitored closely throughout any renovations, and the furnace filter should be changed more frequently than usual until the work is over.

5. You Usually Leave Your Doors or Windows Open

For the sake of ventilation and air conditioning in the summer months, many Ontarians prop open their doors and windows. When you open your windows and enjoy the summer breeze, dust, filth, and other airborne particles blow in and need to be filtered out by your heating system.

6. You Have a Very Dusty Home

Location has a role in how rapidly dust accumulates in your home. Having decent indoor air quality requires more frequent filter replacements if this is the case. To further clarify, it could be as simple as swapping out the filter in your furnace if you notice an increase in dust levels in your home.


Depending on your home and family size, you may need to change your furnace filter more or less frequently. So, it’s important to keep an eye on your furnace filter and change it out or clean it as needed to keep it working properly.

You can improve the air quality in your house, lessen the strain on your furnace, and save money on your heating cost by replacing the filter as needed.

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