Why Fireplace Repair Should Be Left To A Professional

Posted by admin on April 04, 2016

Fireplaces are a popular centerpiece of many living rooms, family rooms, and dens in residential homes. They provide homeowners with an additional source of heat that can cut down on energy expenses, a back-up “heater” during a power outage, and an attractive interior decorating element that entertains family and guests with the sights and sounds of a roaring flame.

When fireplaces become damaged, however, malfunction, or create a danger to those in the house, it is time to call in professional help. While you should first verify that the damper is not closed, that the propane/natural gas supply is sufficient, and that the pilot light is lit, beyond the most basic maintenance tasks, fireplaces are simply too dangerous to be done on a DIY basis.

Fireplace Repairs Best Left to the Experts

Some of the most important reasons why it is best to entrust fireplace repair jobs to well trained technicians are as follows:

Gas Fireplace Repairs/Maintenance

  • Gas fireplaces can produce dangerous carbon monoxide gas and develop gas leaks that let the gas into the house. An annual maintenance check-up by a certified technician can detect and eliminate this danger, but if you suspect there may be a problem, do not hesitate to shut down your unit until a repairman can look at it.
  • When gas fireplaces are dirty, improperly vented, or have the wrong settings, they can give off strong odors, have pilot light problems, and develop a sooty build-up on the glass screen. A professional will know how to optimally correct all of these issues in very little time.
  • A popping or booming sound may indicate that the gas pressure needs to be checked and reset by a professional. He/she will use a manometer to gauge for the precise pressure. This simple fireplace repair can prevent your unit from running inefficiently and needing early replacement.

Wood-burning Repairs/Maintenance

  • With wood-burning fireplaces, creosote and soot will eventually coat everything from the immediate fireplace interior all the way up the inner lining of the chimney/vent. Both creosote and soot are extremely flammable and must be periodically removed by a trained professional. Local building codes, in fact, typically require an annual inspection to ensure safety.
  • If a wood-burning fireplace uses a masonry chimney, the combination of high temperatures and acidic gases can erode the mortar between the bricks on its way up and out, resulting in leaks. A professional can install a stainless steel liner to prevent this problem. 

Fireplace repair on both gas and wood-burning units is best left to the professionals because they have the tools and expertise to identify and correct the problem quickly. They have access to all replacement parts for a wide array of specific fireplace models should an ignition switch, flu, or other part become faulty. Using a professional will minimize the time spent without use of your fireplace, which is especially important during cold weather, as well as extend the life of your equipment and reduce liability risks.

Some DIY projects can save homeowners significant money and are worthwhile. Others, like fireplace repair, however, are simply not worth the risk. There are too many unknown factors to the uninitiated and too great a danger created by improper repair methods for fireplace repair to be safely done by the average person. The wiser course of action is to rely on experienced fireplace repair technicians to keep your fireplace functioning safely and efficiently for its maximum lifespan. Contact Climate Experts today to consult with a professional fireplace repair specialist!

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