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7 Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

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Posted by admin on September 29, 2014

The life of an average furnace ranges between 16 and 20 years, some even longer. So how do you know when yours is getting ready to be replaced, regardless of its age? Here are seven signs that your need to consider a furnace replacement.

1. Higher utility bills

One indicator that your furnace is starting to go is an increase in either your gas or electric bills. As furnaces age, they are less efficient, especially if the furnace maintenance has not been kept up. Inefficient furnaces must run longer in order to keep up with your heating requirements. 

Your utility bills will keep going up the longer you wait to replace your furnace. At some point, it is simply more efficient and economical to put that money into a new furnace.

2. More repairs

Furnaces begin to show a lot of wear and tear in the last two years of their life, when you can expect to pay more for the repairs, and to do more and more repairs to keep the furnace running.

Repairing an older furnace will also take more time since the older the furnace, the more difficult (and expensive!) it will be to find replacement parts.

3. Uneven heating

A furnace in excellent working condition will heat all rooms evenly. One sign that you need a furnace replacement is when you find yourself noticing that some rooms in your home are cooler or warmer than others. 

4. Carbon monoxide gas

There are many signs that your furnace could be producing carbon monoxide gas that indicate it is time to replace your furnace: the flame is flickering or yellow; there is soot around the furnace; there is no upward draft in your chimney; there is too much moisture around cold surfaces like windows and walls; too much rust collecting around the furnace; or water leaking. Any one or more of these signs requires follow-up with a qualified furnace repair and replacement company.

5. Too much noise

If your furnace is making a lot of unusual noises, then you know that it is nearing the end and you will need to consider a furnace replacement. Any unusual sounds, like banging, humming, rattling, squealing, or buzzing might be signs of a failing furnace. If the blower runs continuously, or the blower is turning on and off or blows cold air every once and awhile, your furnace needs to be replaced.

6. Dusty or dry air

When the furnace is not working well and does not move the air properly, it can lead to an increase in allergens like mold or pollen in your home. The dust will begin to accumulate too. With that stale air feeling comes minor illnesses like more colds, dry throat and skin, all of which can point to a faulty furnace.

7. Family members aren’t feeling well

Perhaps one of the least well-known signs that your furnace isn’t working properly is an increase in illnesses in your home. When your furnace ages, there is an increased likelihood that your heat exchanger in the furnace will begin to crack, causing carbon monoxide to be released without detection. Carbon monoxide can cause headaches, nausea, disorientation and flu-like symptoms. 

If anyone in your family experiences these symptoms, air out your home and call the gas service immediately. Since cracks in the heat exchangers can have serious consequences for your family’s health, older furnaces should be replaced.

Do any of these signs sound like your furnace? Then call us at Climate Experts to book your free estimate for furnace replacement.

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