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10 Winter Energy Saving Tips

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Posted by admin on March 02, 2015

1. Don’t blast the heat

It is easy to understand that people want to feel cozy during the winter, and in turn set your heating system on high. However, it is possible to maintain your indoor comfort without the temperature set to 75 or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. By lowering your thermostat to 68 or 70, your body’s natural heating system will maintain your desired temperature. This is one of the simplest energy saving tips, but can save you 10% to 15% on your electricity bill.

2. Seal your doors and windows.

Though you may be running your heating system on high to keep the house warm, unsealed doors and windows easily let this heat escape. Invest in additional weather stripping and plastic wrap for the windows. Not only is this a relatively easy fix, but you will stop paying to heat the great outdoors.

3. Insulate!

Without decent insulation, on average a quarter of the energy that your heating system produces can escape through the walls and the roof. By ensuring that the insulation in your house is not only existent but up to date, you can save a significant amount of money. Poor insulation is one of the leading reasons warm air escapes the house, and one of the easiest things to forget about!

4. Upgrade your lights

Incandescent lighting can waste up to 90% of the energy it demands as the bulbs produce and emit heat. Not only is this wasteful but it can be dangerous; bulbs that remain on for long periods during the dark winter can become incredibly hot and potentially explore. Upgrading to CFL’s or LED bulbs will cut both energy costs and dangerous hazards in your home.

5. Lay down a rug or two.

While hardwood, stone, and laminate floors are beautiful to look at, they are terrible at retaining heat. By adding a floor mat or rug to your room, floors will stay warmer and stop you from turning up the heat.

6. Close doors

This tip might seem too obvious, but it is easier said than done! Remember to check that the doors in the house stay closed, particularly ones connecting to the outdoors or rooms with grand windows. Doing a double check is not embarrassing, neither is the energy savings you get from it.

7. Invest in an automatic thermostat

Having the heat running all day can be incredibly costly if you are not there to benefit from it, but turning it off when you leave and arrive home every day sounds like an equally poor choice. Investing in an automatic thermostat can fix this issue for you. It will deactivate when the house is empty, and you can set it to activate just before arriving home, so that you can save money on your energy bill where possible.

8. Go on an air leak search and destroy mission

Air leaks can appear anywhere from the roof to the basement. To prevent them from increasing your energy costs, scour your entire home for air leaks. If you aren’t sure where to begin, hire a professional do it for you.

9. Upgrade your heating system

An inefficient heater will cause you to literally throw money away. By upgrading your heater to a modernized model, your energy bill can be shrunk down to almost half its size.

10. Make sure that your heating system undergoes regular maintenance

Your heater will be most efficient when it is properly cleaned and maintained. It is important that you have your heater professionally cleaned and maintained before and even during the wintertime when it gets the most use.

To learn more about how to save on your energy bill throughout the year Contact the Climate Experts Heating and Cooling team, Canada’s top indoor air quality experts! 

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